April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson’s pretty wife! 

April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson's pretty wife!  2

You just have heard people.on social media, blogs and other platforms of social engagements conclude that “celebrity marriages” don’t really last.

Well, one can count with his or her fingers the number of “celebrity marriages” that have crashed due to various degrees of factors between the couples. 

April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson's pretty wife!  3

However, one celebrity marriage that is worthy of emulation is that of April Woodson and her husband, Charles Woodson. The couple is a testament that marriages between two popular people can work out well. 

In this post, we shall share all the details you probably didn’t know about April Woodson. We shall share information as regards background, career, marriage, and net worth among others. 


Who is Charles Woodson? 

Charles Woodson, a former professional American football player, has a wife named April Woodson. In the NFL, he was a member of the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers (National Football League).

Aside from that, Charles was a Super Bowl champion, NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 4 times First-team All-Pro, 4 times Second-team All-Pro, 9 times Pro Bowl, 2 times NFL Interceptions Leader, NFL 200s All-Decade team, National champion, and so on.

April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson's pretty wife!  4

April Woodson has been a long-time friend of Charles’s, dating back to high school. She was present when Charles won the Super Bowl, as well as other honors and the game itself. Being with such a lovely and caring wife as April was a blessing for Charles.

So, today, we’ll discuss April Woodson’s childhood, age, work, relationship with Charles Woodson, net worth, and active social media accounts.


April Woodson Bio

April Woodson is an American actress who was born on June 28, 1979. Prior to her marriage, her full name was April Dixon Woodson. She is also of African-American descent and an American citizen. In addition, cancer is her zodiac sign.

Lorenzo Dixon is her father. She didn’t share anything about her mother to the public, thus there is no information about her.

April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson's pretty wife!  5

April had two sisters and a brother when she was growing up. Again, no information on her siblings is available at this time, but we are attempting to gather information and will update as soon as feasible.

Apart from that, Woodson attended Providence College, where she completed her high school education. She went on to Rhode Island College of Social Work after graduation.


How old is April Woodson 

April Woodson is a 41-year-old actress who was born in the United States.

April Woodson is a Thyroid cancer survivor. As a result of her disability, there is little information available concerning her career. She appears to have avoided working in order to focus on her recuperation.

Woodson is now a mother who has raised her children to be healthy and strong.

Who is April Woodson married to? 

April Woodson and her professional football star husband Charles Woodson are happily married. They met in high school and have been dating since.


April can be spotted in Charles’ game multiple times once they get into a relationship. She even goes to Charles’ international games with him.

“She is an inspiration to me and did not leave my sight even when I was in the worst position,” Charles remarked in an interview. April’s constant affection for her partner is demonstrated through this.

April Woodson: Here is all you need to know about Charles Woodson's pretty wife!  6

April and Charles married in a beautiful wedding ceremony on November 17, 2009, after being together for years. Charles’ teammate and all of the couple’s family members are invited.

Similarly, the couple celebrated Valentine’s Day, with Charles captioning a photo of himself and his wife, “Happy Valentine’s Day Lil mama.” I continue to improve over time because you continue to improve over time, and I adore you.”


April and Charles also have two boys, Charles Jr. (born in February 2009) and Chase Woodson.

Because of her unclear profession, there is no information about April Woodson’s net worth.

Social Media 

April Woodson uses social media to keep in touch with her fans. She has 1.4k followers on her personal Instagram account. So, if you want to learn more about her personal life, you should follow her on social media.

April doesn’t have any other social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Tiktok.