CAF General Assembly: See the Agenda for Amaju Pinnick’s election

CAF General Assembly: See the Agenda for Amaju Pinnick’s election

The 43rd CAF General Assembly will take place in Rabat, Morocco today Friday, March 12th, 2021.

This will also be the elective congress where Member Associates will elect the new President of CAF as well as the FIFA Council members including Nigeria’s Amaju Pinnick.

Here’s the Agenda of the proceedings:

1. Welcome Remarks
2. Addresses
3. Roll call
4. Verification that the notification and composition of the General Assembly comply with the provisions of the Statutes
5. Address by the President of the Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF)
6. The designation of three (3) members to check the official minutes
7. The designation of scrutinizers
8. The suspension or expulsion of a member, where appropriate
9. The approval of the minutes of the Ordinary General Assembly held on the 11th of December 2020 by videoconference
10. The activity report covering the period since the previous General Assembly Meeting inclusive of the zonal unions’ activity report
11. The presentation of the audited statement of accounts
12. The report of the Audit Committee
13. The approval of the annual revised accounts and budget
14. The appointment of auditors, as appropriate
15. The admission and/or resignation of Members, as appropriate
16. The consideration of proposals for amendments to CAF Statutes, and to the regulations governing the application of Statutes, as well as to CAF General Assembly’s Rules of Procedures
17. Discussion of proposals received from National Associations and Executive Committee, provided these were submitted in conformity with Para. 8 of Article 17, as appropriate
18. Matters tabled in conformity with Article 17 Para. 8 of CAF Statutes
19. The election of CAF President
20. The election of CAF Executive Committee members
21. The election of the African representatives to the FIFA Council
22. The election of the President and Vice-President of CAF’s Audit and Compliance committee as appropriate
23. The election of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of CAF’s judicial bodies, as appropriate
24. The election of the President and Vice-Presidents of the governance Committee as appropriate
25. Other reports

26. Any Other Business.

Press Conference

A press conference will follow the General Assembly. It will be streamed LIVE on CAF YouTube page and other CAF Digital platforms.


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