Check out Arsenal’s emotional #EndSARS message to Nigerians!

Check out Arsenal's emotional #EndSARS message to Nigerians! 2

The #EndSARS peaceful protest might be shrinking like a candle wax across the streets of Lagos and other parts of the country offline, but the online version continues as top individuals and organisations continue to show support and solidarity.

Arsenal Football Club is the latest organisation to show solidarity to not just the fans of the club in Nigeria but to the country at large.

The club said it has read messages and has seen videos of the gory incident that took place during the #EndSARS protest in the country.

However, the club said the people of Nigeria are in its thoughts.

Arsenal shared this message via its Twitter handle.


The infiltration of sponsored thugs into the peaceful protest, theĀ  #LekkiMassacre and the false propaganda on the protest itself have added more dents to Nigeria’s democracy no doubt.

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