Cindy Kimberly plastic surgery and how the polyglot model became famous overnight 


If you don’t believe in the popular saying; “One’s life can change for good overnight” then you are most likely going to have a second thought after reading the story of Cindy Kimberly. 

When you become popular overnight, your profession can quickly progress from that of a regular babysitter to that of a superb runway model. This is exactly what happened to Cindy Kimberly, and it completely turned her life upside down.

Cindy Kimberly

The girl whose Instagram account currently has over 5 million followers has an impressive bio to share.

There are numerous rumors about this celebrity, including her claimed plastic surgery, boyfriend, and other details about her life. She is famous as a result of Justin Bieber, and her celebrity distinguishes her as a distinct personality for many young ladies and gentlemen.


Cindy Kimberly, now a Dutch model, rose to prominence by chance after Justin Bieber, a popular Canadian singer, posted a photo of her on his Instagram in 2015 with the caption, ‘OMG Who Is This!!!?’ Cindy Kimberly’s nose job and plastic surgery are frequently discussed among her followers in every gossipy tip.

So, today we’ve compiled all the information you need to know about the model’s age, height, and wiki-bio. Also, learn everything there is to know about Cindy Kimberly’s nose job (plastic surgery), boyfriend, career, and net worth!

Biography and Career 

Cindy Kimberly was born on November 16, 1998, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cindy Kimberly will be 24 years old in 2022. Cindy’s father is from Indonesia, and her mother is from Spain. The lady has a deep connection to Spain because she spent the majority of her youth in Costa Blanca.

Cindy Kimberly is a multilingual individual who speaks Spanish, French, and English.


When it comes to education, Cindy attended her hometown institution and majored in Arts.

Cindy Kimberly, who was born in 1998, is now 23 years old. The attractive model flaunts her physique wherever she goes. With a height of 5 ft 7 inches, the model is thin and fair.

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy was just a regular girl till she burst onto the scene in 2015. Nonetheless, we’ve learned that she’s always been self-sufficient and ambitious. Kimberly, in fact, began working at a young age to supplement her family’s income.

Cindy Kimberly and Justin Bieber 

On December 7, 2015, Justin Bieber posted a photo of her on his Instagram account. According to reports, Justin had a ‘crush’ on Cindy. 


After some time, she rose to prominence, thanks to the power of social media, which helped find her name and her Instagram username, @wolfiecindy. As a result, her Instagram followers began to multiply by the thousands, and she now has over 6 million followers.

Cindy Kimberly plastic surgery and how the polyglot model became famous overnight  1

Cindy Kimberly stated that her Instagram profile name has no significant meaning, even though the majority of her fans believed it did. Kimberly made it many years ago when still a Teen Wolf fan!

Cindy even boasted that she had multiple calls from various foreign modeling agencies shortly after her identity was disclosed.

Cindy Kimberly, the overnight superstar, models for UNO Models. Kimberly worked with them on photoshoots for Vogue,, El Estilo, and The Hip Tree.


She has appeared on the cover of Vanidad and has even attended Milan Fashion Week.

Cindy Kimberly Plastic Surgery

Did Cindy undergo Plastic Surgery? 

Cindy needed to improve her appearance, so she underwent rhinoplasty. This plastic surgery, often known as a nose job, is performed to alter the appearance of a nose by changing its size, shape, or even appearance.

Cindy Kimberly’s nose operation altered the skin, bone, or cartilage of her nose, increasing her ability to breathe and producing more balanced facial characteristics.

Cindy Kimberly

Rhinoplasty can be classed as either an open or closed operation. Open rhinoplasty involves placing incisions on the exterior of the nose where they may be seen by others, whereas closed rhinoplasty involves placing any incisions inside the nose.

Cindy’s nose job cost an undisclosed sum.

Net Worth 

Cindy’s income has grown significantly as a result of her looks as a model throughout her career. Cindy Kimberly’s net worth is now estimated to be $600 thousand. Her main source of income is modeling.

Cindy Kimberly Boyfriend

After Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber uploaded a photo of her, this 20-year-old model became famous overnight.


Cindy Kimberly’s life has undergone a complete 180-degree change since the tragedy occurred, making £2.9/hour to thousands in a single show.

Not only that, but her enthusiasm, devotion, and hard work have also contributed to her current level of success.

Cindy Kimberly plastic surgery and how the polyglot model became famous overnight  2

To answer your query, we’ve discovered that Cindy Kimberly is now single. But that doesn’t imply she hasn’t had boyfriends in the past.

In actuality, Cindy began dating Neels Visser, an aspiring model, and DJ, in 2016 and they split up in 2018. 


Social Media 

Cindy Kimberly is active on her social media pages where she updates her life’s daily happenings. You can connect her on: 





Cindy Kimberly’s fame as explained above came overnight but she wasn’t lazy before the fame came. She was working and she already had the talent to sustain her fame.