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Learn about Dagen McDowell’s biography: career, health, salary, husband, and family 

Learn about Dagen McDowell's biography: career, health, salary, husband, and family  2
Learn about Dagen McDowell's biography: career, health, salary, husband, and family  3
Dagen McDowell

Dagen McDowell has established herself as a hardworking journalist. Although she is a TV anchor for Fox channel, she works on different shows on the platform simultaneously. 

As a result, Dagen McDowell has grown to become a type of business expert, fishing out expert analyses of America’s financial markets and the changing business environment. 

Consequently, plenty of people depend on her to get enlightened on the current business conditions.


Dagen McDowell is an American business news anchor, TV personality, and accountant. She is best known as a business analyst and anchor on Fox Business and a business correspondent for Fox News. 

Moreover, Dagen McDowell has appeared on many TV programmes on Fox, including The Five, Outnumbered, Fox Business Tonight, and America’s Newsroom.

Dagen McDowell has amassed a lot of experience as a business analyst since joining the Fox Business Network in 2007. As her popularity continues to spread, plenty of people have become curious to know more about her background.


Dagen McDowell early life 

Dagen McDowell, the accountant, was born Mary Dagen McDowell on 7 January 1969 (age 53 as of 2022) in Campbell County, Virginia, United States. 

Dagen McDowell’s mother’s name is Joyce Holt McDowell, and her father’s name is McDowell, although much about him remains obscure. 

Dagen McDowell’s parents were of Irish ancestry and attended the University of Virginia, where they encountered each other. 


Sadly, Dagen McDowell’s mother died of cancer. McDowell was raised in the small town of Brookneal, in Campbell County south of Lynchburg, alongside her brother. However, she moved to Richmond, Virginia, in the tenth grade.

Dagen McDowell then attended St. Catherine’s School and graduated in 1987. 

After high school, Dagen McDowell enrolled at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. After she rounded off with her higher studies, she moved to Manhattan and secured her first job as a financial journalist at Institutional Investor Magazine.


Dagen McDowell career 

After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with a Major in History, Dagen McDowell did not enter the media space instantly. 

Rather, Dagen McDowell first worked as an attendant in a dressing room. She then secured other menial jobs, including selling beer at a golf course. 

Dagen McDowell then moved her career a notch higher and delved into financial journalism. 


Dagen McDowell’s first job was working in a newsletter division of the Institutional Investor magazine. She then left Institutional Investor and joined Smart Money and published articles for SmartMoney.com. Dagen then started a financial column for TheStreet.com titled Dear Dagen. 

Dagen McDowell as Fox channel business correspondent 

In 2003, Dagen McDowell joined the Fox News Channel as a business correspondent. She made numerous appearances on business shows on the network, especially Your World With Neil Cavuto, between 2006 and 2016, where she expertly analysed the stock market. Also, she hosted Bulls & Bears for the Fox News Channel.

In September 2007, Dagen McDowell joined the Fox Business Network as an anchor. McDowell has hosted a lot of shows on the Fox Business Network and appeared as a guest on many talk shows hosted by other anchors. She started with Markets Now and hosted other shows like Your Questions Your Money (2009) and Hannity (2009-2014). 


Dagen McDowell as panelist 

Apart from hosting shows, Dagen McDowell has been a panellist on many business talk shows on the Fox Business Network. For instance, she was one of the panellists on Cavuto on Business between 2012 and 2017. 

She then became a regular panellist and host of Outnumbered in 2014 and continues to host and appear on the show in 2022. In addition, since 2018, she has been a co-host for The Five. Dagen McDowell on The Five discusses current economic and business events.

Dagen McDowell husband and children

Dagen McDowell is married but does not have children yet. She married Jonas Max Ferris in 2005, and both have been together since. Dagen McDowell and Jonas met in 2001 in the Fox News studios on the set of Fox’s Cashin’ In, where they entertained viewers with their regular disagreements.


Before the couple met, Dagen McDowell was a married woman to an unidentified individual. Dagen then got divorced in 2003 and married Jonas three years later. Jonas was not in marriage when he met Dagen. Jonas Max Ferris is an American economic analyst, economist, and financial adviser, who appears on the Fox Business Network panel. 

He was born on 13 September 1971 (age 50) in Southfield, Massachusetts, United States. Dagen is three years older than her husband. Jonas graduated from the University of Georgia and co-founded MaxFunds.com, a site that provides advice on financial investments. As of 2022, Jonas Max Ferris has a net worth of $5 million. However, he does not have children. 

Dagen McDowell’s net worth and salary

Dagen McDowell started her career in the early 1990s. And for over 25 years, she has worked as a business journalist for different newsrooms. Therefore, Dagen has made her wealth basically through the salaries she receives from her employees. Dagen McDowell’s salary remains unknown. Nonetheless, the typical FOX News Reporter’s salary averages around $74,209 annually. As of 2022, McDowell’s net worth is $5 million. 


Dagen McDowell’s fast facts 

•Is Dagen McDowell still married to Jonas Ferris? Yes, Dagen is still married to Jonas Ferris in 2022. The couple walked down the aisle in 2005. 

•How much money does Dagen McDowell make? McDowell’s salary remains unknown to the media. 

•What ethnicity is Dagen McDowell? McDowell is Caucasian. Nevertheless, her family comes from an Irish background. 


•Where is Mary Dagen McDowell from? McDowell is native to Campbell County, Virginia, United States. 

•Does Dagen McDowell have cancer? Not at all, Dagen does not have cancer. The speculations about her having cancer erupted after she announced on her Twitter page that her mother battled metastatic lung cancer that had spread to her backbone and pelvis. 

•What is Dagen McDowell’s illness? Dagen has never confirmed whether she is suffering from any illness. 


•Was Dagen McDowell in the military? Dagen has never served nor asserted that she served in the military.

Dagen McDowell is an American news anchor, TV personality, and accountant. She is best known for anchoring, hosting, and guest-starring in several business shows on the Fox Channel, including The Five, Outnumbered, and Fox Business Tonight. Dagen has a husband but does not have children. Tuko.co.ke shared an interesting piece about Vin Diesel’s sexuality, current partner, and dating history. He has captured the attention of many movie viewers globally. He is famously known for his role as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and Furious series. With his fame growing far and wide, many people are interested in his sexuality. 


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