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Dagen McDowell illness – Is the Fox Business Network anchor sick?

Dagen McDowell illness - Is the Fox Business Network anchor sick? 2

The major reason why questions are asked is to first clear uncertainties and also establish the truth. Many questions have been asked about Dagen McDowell but the most recent has to do with Dagen McDowell illness.

People have been asking whether she is sick or not on social media. So, in this post, we shall provide an answer or an update to Dagen McDowell illness.

Who is Dagen McDowell?

Dagen McDowell is an American business news anchor who works for the ‘Fox Business Network.’ She is also a Fox News Channel business correspondent. Following the completion of a bachelor’s degree in art history,


Dagen McDowell began her career as a financial journalist with the ‘Institutional Investor’ newsletter division. She contributed to the radio show ‘Imus in the Morning’ as a business contributor.

Dagen McDowell illness - Is the Fox Business Network anchor sick? 3

She began her television career by working for the magazine ‘SmartMoney’ and the website ‘SmartMoney.com.’ She also wrote a personal column for the website ‘TheStreet.com’ called ‘Dear Dagen.’

McDowell co-hosted the ‘Fox News Network’ show ‘Mornings with Maria’ after joining the network. She is still the show’s host at the moment.



Dagen McDowell worked as a dressing room attendant before beginning her journalism career. She also worked at a golf course, where she sold beer. She went on to work as a financial journalist for the newsletter division of the magazine ‘Institutional Investor.’

McDowell worked for the magazine ‘SmartMoney’ before becoming a TV anchor. It was a personal business magazine published by the ‘Wall Street Journal.’ She also contributed to the website ‘SmartMoney.com.’ She wrote a personal finance column called ‘Dear Dagen’ for the website ‘TheStreet.com,’ in which she answered questions from her readers.

Dagen McDowell illness - Is the Fox Business Network anchor sick? 4

McDowell has been a business correspondent for ‘Fox News Channel’ since 2003. She appears on the news and business talk show ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ on a regular basis. It is a weekday show that airs on ‘Fox News Channel.’ The show covers a variety of topics, including the movement of the stock market throughout the day, as well as political and other factors that may influence stock prices.


She began working as an anchor for the ‘Fox Business Network’ in September 2007. McDowell is a network anchor for the show ‘Markets Now.’ It is a daily business program that airs weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. McDowell appears from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

McDowell was a regular panelist on the show ‘Cashin’ In.’ It was a program for business analysis. The show featured a segment called ‘Cashin’ In Challenge,’ in which each panelist was given money to invest in the stock market. McDowell won the “challenge” three years in a row, in 2013, 2014, and 2015. She beat out three other panelists who were all professional money managers.

McDowell appeared on the business analysis show ‘Cavuto on Business’ as a panelist. She was a business contributor on the Imus in the Morning radio show. Don Imus hosted the long-running show. McDowell also appears on the daytime news and talk show ‘Outnumbered’ on a semi-regular basis.


McDowell is currently a co-host on the morning show ‘Mornings with Maria.’ The ‘Fox Business Network’ airs an opinion, news, and business program. The show’s main anchor is Maria Bartiromo. She is also a frequent guest on the television show ‘Hannity.’ Sean Hannity hosts the political talk show.


Dagen McDowell was born Mary Dagen McDowell in Campbell County, Virginia on January 7, 1969. Her ancestors are of Irish descent. Her parents both went to the “University of Virginia.” Her family background is unknown. McDowell has a Virginia-based brother.

McDowell had a childhood fascination with automobiles. She drove a ‘Ford Bronco’ in high school and college. She passed her driving test in a ‘Ford F150’ when she was 16 years old. She was a huge ‘NASCAR’ fan. ‘Wake Forest University’ awarded her a bachelor’s degree in art history.


Who is Dagen McDowell husband?

McDowell is the wife of Jonas Max Ferris. He is an investment advisor and an economic analyst for ‘Fox News.’ The couple met on the channel when they were chosen to argue against each other on a show about mutual funds. In 2005, they married. They do not appear to have any children. Ramon, their Chihuahua, is their pet.

McDowell was previously married before meeting Max Ferris. She later divorced her first husband. His identity is still unknown to the general public. McDowell is a fan of the ‘Washington Redskins,’ an American football team. She enjoys music as well. ‘The Weight,’ ‘Rock & Rock,’ and ‘Natural Forces’ are among her favorite songs.

Dagen McDowell Illness -Does she have cancer?

Dagen Mcdowell appears to be ill because she is currently on medication, but it is unlikely to be a life-threatening disease.


Nonetheless, the journalist appears to be in good health and fit for her job, so she is unlikely to be suffering from a serious illness right now.

Dagen appears to be in good physical health, but the loss of a loved one is unlikely to be easy.

This is loss. I started crying just seeing Elmo and Cookie Monster on TV today. Elmo then wiped my tears away. I have no idea why that happened at that particular time. The unexpected sadness and sense of loss arrive out of nowhere.”


However, she appears to be doing a good job and finding solace within herself to accept the death of her devoted mother.

In terms of health and other aspects of life in 2022, the journalist is doing well.

Dagen Mcdowell had suffered a heartbreaking tragedy when her mother died of metastatic lung cancer that had spread to her backbone and pelvis. Her mother had been in agony and pain, but Dagen kept her mother’s health private.


She sent a contradictory quote on World Cancer Day, when her fans and well-wishers were concerned about her health.

Dagen McDowell Instagram

Indeed, the popular analyst, host, and anchor has an Instagram account, where she has reposted her contradictory tweet. Likewise, she appears to post about her official work, personal life, and her adorable dogs.

Her Instagram handle is @dagenmcdowel, and she currently has 92.5k followers who seem to interact with her posts.


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