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Danielley Ayala: All you need to know about the social media star and model including her net worth and boyfriend!

Danielley Ayala

If you introduce yourself at any gathering – whether corporate or casual as a social media influencer or personality fifteen years ago, you are most likely to be looked at strangely. 

However, nowadays, some people have become so influential and popular on social media that some brands associate with them for the promotion of their products. 

Danielley Ayala

In a nutshell, social media influencer or personality has become a full-time profession that has changed the lives of some people for good. Danielley Ayala is one of those people that have benefited massively from the advent of social media. 


Danielley Ayala is a well-known makeup artist and social media celebrity. The socialite has a large Instagram following and is a popular target for companies looking to sell their products on the platform. She is also a model, specializing in lingerie and swimwear modeling.


Danielley Ayala (born February 23, 1994) is a model and makeup artist from the United States. She has become a well-known social media celebrity with a lot of followers on her respective pages.

Education and Career 

Danielley Ayala is a beauty artist as well as one of the top social media influencers in the United States. She had a modest Instagram following in 2015, but it has since grown to over two million followers, making her an Instagram celebrity.

She enrolled at Make-Up Designory Los Angeles Schools of Make-Up, where she received makeup artistry training and talents.

Danielley Ayala: All you need to know about the social media star and model including her net worth and boyfriend! 1

Ayala then began her career as a professional makeup artist, specializing in fashion and makeup. She’s made such a name for herself as a professional makeup artist that she’s launched a website to advertise various beauty goods and businesses.

She is also under the management of Found Model Management. She uses her Instagram fame to promote a variety of products by sponsoring posts on her account. She is also a skilled hairstylist with a specialty in special effects makeup. 

Net Worth 

Danielley Ayala earns a considerable amount of money as a makeup artist and Instagram personality, which contributes to her net worth. She runs a lot of ads for well-known firms on her Instagram account and self-titled website, and she gets paid nicely. Her current net worth is estimated to be $200,000 USD.


Danielley Ayala’s height is roughly 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), and she weighs around 143 pounds (65 kg). She has a well-defined figure, with chest, waist, and hips measurements of 40-26-36. Danielley is wearing a size 7 in the United Kingdom. Her hair and eyes are respectively black and dark brown in tone.


She has a few tattoos on her body as well. She is incredibly attractive, which helps her succeed as a social media personality and makeup artist. Take a look at some of Danielley Ayala’s beautiful photos.

Who is Danielle Ayala’s Boyfriend 

Being a beautiful lady, it’s almost impossible to rule out the idea that many men have sought to date her. Danielley was linked to Peter Shelegin in 2015, and the two were rumored to be dating. In fact, Peter was included in nearly all of her Instagram postings, and the two appeared to be having a fantastic time. None of them, however, explicitly stated that they were in a romantic relationship.

Danielley Ayala: All you need to know about the social media star and model including her net worth and boyfriend! 2

Danielley Ayala posted a photo of herself with Peter Shelegin on March 28, 2017, with the message “we’ve been dating for around 2 years.” That was her last post about her purported boyfriend, and they have stayed silent about their relationship since then. The two may be no longer dating, but it’s also possible that they are dating and have chosen to keep their relationship private.

Hobbies and Interests 

Aside from clothes design and being a popular personality, what else does Danielle Ayala ? If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that she enjoys photography because she regularly publishes photos.


She also has time to watch movies, and her favorite actors are Ryan Reynolds, who is most known for his performance in the film Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, and Brie Larson, who is best known for her appearance in the film Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. She wants to go on vacation to Paris, France, and she enjoys Italian food.

In today’s culture, social media is a tremendous weapon, and Danielley Ayala is using it to reap huge rewards from her popularity across several platforms. Companies looking to publicize and market their products on social media always have their eyes on her. 

Social Media 

Ayala is active on all of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She keeps her followers engaged and informed by posting images of herself and other activities. She also makes money by promoting different items and brands of companies on social media, particularly Instagram.

Danielley Ayala

The Instagram account of Danielley Ayala has more than 2.4 million followers. Even though virtually little is known about her family, a tweet from her Twitter account showed that she is surrounded by loved ones.


Danielley Surgery 

Danielley is curvy, and rumor has it that the Instagram model has had augmentation mammoplasty as a result. Danielley Ayala’s surgery allegations cannot be valibyd from any other trustworthy source because she has not confirmed whether she underwent the operation or not. 

  • Full name: Danielley Ayala 
  • Danielley Ayala age: 27 years old 
  • Date of birth: February 23, 1994 
  • Place of birth: America 
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces 
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian 
  • Weight: 143 pounds Height: 5 feet 8 inches 
  • Shoe size: 7 UK 
  • Eye color: Dark brown 
  • Hair color: Black 
  • Current residence: Los Angeles, USA 
  • Profession: Social media celebrity and makeup 

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