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David Conway Background, Career, Net Worth, Family, Notable Works

David Conway Background, Career, Net Worth, Family, Notable Works 2

Who is David Conway ?

David Conway (born 1963) is a former musician and author from Ireland. He was the founding member of the alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, which he co-founded in 1983 with guitarist Kevin Shields and drummer Colm Cósóig. Conway left the band in 1987, during their minor underground success, and was replaced by Bilinda Butcher.

David Conway has written four novels since 1991, including 2009’s Tokyo Gothic and 2010’s Celebrity Bedlam, as well as numerous short stories and contributions to a number of comic books. Radical Robot Books, his own publishing company, and Double Dragon Publishing publish his works. Conway currently resides in London.



David Conway was born in 1963 in Dublin, Ireland. He was raised in both Ireland and the United Kingdom and attended Catholic schools in both countries, including Christian Brothers and Jesuit institutions. Conway dropped out of school and worked in Dublin for several years.



David Conway co-founded My Bloody Valentine with Kevin Shields and Colm Cosóig in 1983. He sang lead vocals under the alias Dave Stelfox and suggested the band’s name, which was inspired by the 1981 Canadian slasher film of the same name. Shields later claimed he was unaware of the film when Conway suggested the name, which was chosen over The Burning Peacocks and other potential band names.

My Bloody Valentine went through several lineup changes in their early years, and Conway’s girlfriend Tina Durkin was hired as a keyboard player in 1984. Conway contacted Gavin Friday, lead vocalist of the post-punk band Virgin Prunes, on Shields’ recommendation for advice on succeeding in the Dublin music scene, and was given a list of contacts to secure the band shows in Tilburg, Netherlands.

David Convoy

The band moved to the Netherlands in early 1984, but due to a lack of proper documentation, they were forced to return to West Germany, where they released their debut mini album, This is Your Bloody Valentine, in January 1985. The album received little attention, and the band relocated to the Netherlands before settling in London, United Kingdom, in the middle of 1985.


David Conway appeared on Geek!, the band’s debut extended play (EP). (1985) and My Bloody Valentine’s follow-up EP The New Record (1986). My Bloody Valentine’s debut single, The New Record, peaked at number 22 on the UK Independent Albums Chart upon its release. His final release with My Bloody Valentine was the 1987 single “Sunny Sundae Smile,” which reached number six on the UK Independent Singles Chart and landed the band a support slot with The Soup Dragons. Conway announced his departure from the band in March 1987, following the final date of the tour, due to a gastric illness, disillusionment with music, and ambitions to become a writer. Bilinda Butcher took his place.

Conway began writing while working various jobs in the late 1980s. His short horror fiction stories have appeared in several Creation Books anthologies, including Eloise in Red Stains in 1991 and Black Static in The Starry Wisdom: A Tribute to HP Lovecraft in 1994. Oneiros Books published Metal Sushi, a collection of his short science fiction stories, in 1998. Metal Sushi received positive reviews from critics, with author Grant Morrison describing Conway as “the most powerful and distinctive writer of horror fiction since Clive Barker.”

Conway’s writing has appeared in a number of comic books, including Vampirella for Harris Comics, Vampi for Anarchy Studio, and X-Men Unlimited for Marvel Comics. In 2009, he self-published Tokyo Gothic through his publishing companies Radical Robot Books and Double Dragon Publishing. Since then, he has released three more novels: Death Disco, Kinky Kabuki, and Celebrity Bedlam.


David Conway wife

There is no information available about David Conway’s marital life. There is no information on whether or not he is married or has children. However, we assume that he married at some point in his life. While some famous people open up about their lives and families on the internet, others prefer to keep things private – David Convoy appears to be one of the latter.

Net Worth


David Conway’s exact net worth, salary, or earnings, like his marital life, are unknown. However, one must assume that he is not writing for the sake of amusement or to please his readers. He must be writing to make money as well. So he should have made some money or accumulated some wealth over the years.

David Conway Popular Books

  • Tokyo Gothic (2009)
  • Death Disco (2009)
  • Kinky Kabuki (2010)
  • Celebrity Bedlam (2010)


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