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Did Lionel Messi Die? Messi Car Accident Rumour!

Did Lionel Messi die

Being a celebrity or a popular figure in any industry comes with both positives and negatives. One of the negatives is how celebrities deal with rumours, fake news and fans trying to intrude into their private lives. While some of these negativities are minute, others can be a bit extreme like asking the question: “Did Lionel Messi die?”

A lot of people have been asking the question online as they try to find answer to this question that has refused to leave the internet for a while. In this post, we will provide an accurate and verified answer to clear all your doubts or doubts that have been raised for so far.

Did Lionel Messi Die?

Did Lionel Messi Die?

No, Lionel Messi did not die. The Inter Miami striker is alive and in good health and wellness as of today, 8th of August, 2023. Messi has not been reported sick or injured by the management of Inter of Inter Miami or any major news outlet. The world cup winner is living happily with his family in Miami and he has started life at Inter Miami since he arrived from PSG over the summer. Lionel Messi has scored 10 goals in 7 appearances for Inter Miami. The Argentine captain recently won the Leagues Cup with the club over Nashville.


Messi Car Accident Rumour!

Lionel Messi car accident rumour is untrue. The former PSG star was said to have been involved in a car accident in Paris while playing for the French champions but it was only a mere rumour as neither the club or nor player confirmed the rumour. It appears that some bloggers deliberately spread news like this in order to get traffic to their websites or platforms while they create an atmosphere of panic among football and other sport fans online.

Did Lionel Messi Die?

In conclusion, Lionel did not die and the question about his death is borne out of rumour and online gossips. Messi is alive and healthy and has never. involved in any form of car or domestic accident. However, in July, Messi could have been involved in a terrible vehicle accident in Miami when his car ran a red light and crashed into moving traffic.

Despite the fact that Messi’s vehicle was being escorted by a Fort Lauderdale police cruiser, it entered an intersection. Fortunately, the other drivers were vigilant and slowed down in time to escape a terrible accident. It is unknown if the Argentina captain drove the automobile himself.


Messi made his Inter Miami debut on July 21st against Cruz Azul in the inaugural Leagues Cup. Messi scored a spectacular late free-kick to earn his team a 2-1 victory.

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