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Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!  

Dolly Castro is a fitness model that has had a lot of success. She is also a businesswoman and a fashion designer, with her clothing line, Bars and Branches. In addition, she is a well-known social media celebrity with millions of Instagram and Facebook followers. Who is Dolly Castro, exactly?

Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!   1

Karen, the famed fitness model’s daughter, is her only child. In her biography, you can learn about Dolly Castro’s height, net worth, age, career path, and more. 

Dolly Castro Biography

The fitness model was born on July 14, 1984, in Managua, Nicaragua. How old is  Dolly Castro? She is 37 years old as of 2021. Dolly has always been interested in fitness and began working out at the age of 16. Her parents wanted her to be a lawyer, but she wanted to be a chef.


When she decided to become a fitness model, she took a completely different route. Castro grew up in a pious family. God and the people who support her on social media are to thank them for her achievements according to the fitness model. 

Dolly Castro Education 

Dolly Castro was raised in a household that struggled financially as she grew up, which is one of the main reasons her parents wanted her to go to college. She wanted to be a chef, but her parents wanted her to be a lawyer, so she went along with their wish. 

She was physically active in high school in Nicaragua, where she ran track, played volleyball, and competed in cross-country races.

Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!   2

Dolly Castro began to pay more attention to her looks and fitness following matriculation, and she enrolled in Christian University’s Law School in Managua, where she began coming to the gym several times a week.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in 2006, but instead of pursuing a career in law, she chose to pursue a career as a model.

Dolly Castro Height 

She stands 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs 132lbs (60kgs), and has the following vital statistics: 38-24-40. She wears a size six shoe.


Dolly Castro Career 

Her parents were pleased, and she was permitted to relocate to Miami, Florida, in order to pursue her dream of being a model. She began by submitting photos to modelling agencies, with several contacting her and offering her work.

She was persuaded by a friend to register accounts on multiple social media networks after modeling for a period, and she became an instant star on Instagram, where she is now followed by over 6.2 million people.

In an interview, Dolly Castro expressed her gratitude to God for her accomplishment, saying, “I have acquired recognition and money thanks to God through social media.”

Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!   3

According to Dolly Castro, fans need to know what she is up to all the time. This suggests the reason why she is very active on social media. 

She has been appearing on the cover pages of popular magazines over the course of years, some of which are “Cover Shock”, “Good Life”, and “Bombom Nitido Telemundo”.

To stay in shape, Dolly today trains almost every day of the week, mostly focusing on working on her legs and abs, which is what she likes the most about herself. She advises women to do dumbbell squats with high reps, cross crunches, and lateral raises among other exercises if they want to look as good as she does.

Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!   4

She also states that it is very important to be on a strict diet, as your good looks are 30 percent exercising and 70 percent nutrition. Breakfast should consist of low-carb protein French toast with a little butter, according to her instructions.

Dolly Castro is also an entrepreneur, having founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bars and Branches Fitness Appeal Company (CEO). She also attempted to establish a YouTube channel, which she started on July 22, 2012, however, it appears that she abandoned the concept, as the most recent video published to the site was nearly two years ago.

The model collaborates with a variety of brands to promote their goods and services. Fashion Nova, 1st Phorm, PrettyLittleThing, and Happy Tea are just a few of the well-known brands with which she has collaborated.


She is an extremely successful social media influencer thanks to her big social media following

In 2016, she was included in a single short film named “Dolly Castro: Model Fitness.”

Dolly Castro Net Worth

Dolly’s financial details are pretty decent at the moment. She has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. 


Is Dolly Castro Married? 

The answer is a yes! The 37-year-old businesswoman and fitness model is happily married. Dolly was in a relationship with her college sweetheart for several years and gave birth to their daughter Karen not long after she graduated. However, Dolly and Karen’s father later divorced, leaving Dolly to care for her daughter alone.

Dolly Castro: The untold truth about the 37-year-old fitness model who rose from grass to grace!   5
Dolly Castro husband Samier Chavez

Dolly married Samier Chavez in 2018; the two have apparently been together for several years, and the man is said to be Karen’s biological father. Her husband is claimed to own more than 16 firms.

Dolly Castro Plastic Surgery

The fitness model had her breasts lifted. There are no images of Miss Dolly Castro before surgery (if any exist). Dolly Castro is a phenomenal fitness model, social media star, and businesswoman. She has a daughter and is married. Her commitment to both her career and her family is impressive. 


Profile Summary 

Full name: Dolly Castro Chavez Alias: Dolly 

Gender: Female 

Date of birth: July 14, 1984 


Age: 37 (as of 2021) 

Zodiac sign: Cancer 

Place of birth: Managua, Nicaragua 


Current residence: USA 

Nationality: Nicaraguan 

Ethnicity: White 


Religion: Christianity 

Fluently speaks: Spanish, English 

Career: Fitness model, entrepreneur, social media star 


Height in feet and inches: 5’5 

Height in cm: 165 

Weight in lb: 132 


Weight in kg: 60 

Body measurements: 34-24-40 Eye colour: Dark brown 

Hair colour: Black Shoe size: 6 (US) 


Marital status: Married 

Husband: Samier Chavez 

Child: 1 


Instagram: @missdollycastro 

Facebook: Dolly Castro 

YouTube: Dolly Castro 


Website: dollycastro.com 


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