Eleanor Atwood Gibson: 8 Facts about Margaret Eleanor Atwood’s Daughter

Eleanor Atwood Gibson

Eleanor Atwood Gibson, just like many other children born to a popular figure or personality, lives off the fame of her mother. So one can argue that if she had been to a regular Canadian family, no one would be interested in knowing about her or what she does for a living among many other details about her.

Well, Eleanor Atwood Gibson, being the daughter of a famous novelist attracts interest from people online who are interested in knowing more about her beyond just being the daughter of a known figure in the creative industry. Therefore, in this post, we will share facts about Eleanor Atwood Gibson. We shall discuss her background, career, net worth, and relationship status among other details about her. She has siblings and you will get to know their names while reading this post.

1. Eleanor Atwood Gibson is the only daughter of Margaret Eleanor Atwood and Graeme Gibson

Eleanor Atwood Gibson was born in May 1976 as Eleanor Jess Atwood Gibson. She is her parents’ only child, however, she has two siblings on her father’s side. She will be 47 years old when she celebrates her birthday in 2023. She is the result of Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson’s romance. Her parents were never married, although they were in a relationship.

2. Her mother is a veteran writer and literary critic

Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s mother Margaret Eleanor Atwood is a novelist, poet, literary critic, essayist, teacher, environmental activist, and inventor from Canada. Her works have been made into films and television shows. Eleanor is also the late Canadian novelist Graeme Gibson’s daughter. Her father, Thomas Graeme Cameron Gibson, also wrote novels under the pen name Graeme Gibson. Both parents were well-known and successful.

Eleanor Atwood Gibson mother Margaret

Eleanor was born on a farm near Alliston, Ontario, where her parents relocated. Eleanor is her parent’s only child, however, she has half-siblings on her father’s side. Eleanor’s father, Graeme Gibson, was previously married to Shirley Gibson, a publisher, with whom he has two boys, Matthew Gibson and Grae Gibson.

3. Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s parents were both divorcees

Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s parents had previous relationships before they met. After his divorce from his former wife Shirley Gibson, Graeme began a connection with Eleanor’s mother Margaret Atwood. Margaret had also just divorced before meeting Graeme. She was formerly married to Jim Polk, an American writer. Despite the fact that Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson never married, they remained together until Graeme’s death in 2019. In 1980, after the birth of their daughter Eleanor, the family chose to relocate to Toronto. Eleanor is said to have had a lively upbringing.

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4. Eleanor’s Father Died At Age 85

Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s parents, Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson remained together until Graeme’s passing. Sadly, Graeme passed away on September 18, 2019, at the age of 85 after battling dementia.

Eleanor Atwood Gibson parents

Margaret honored her beloved husband in her poem, “Dearly,” and in an accompanying essay on grief and poetry published in The Guardian in 2020. Reflecting on their relationship, Margaret shared these words about her husband:

“He was not self-centered, so he never felt threatened by my pursuits. Towards the end of his life, he told our daughter, ‘Your mom would have still been a writer even if she hadn’t met me, but she wouldn’t have had as much fun.'”

In a statement released on behalf of the family, Margaret Atwood expressed their deep devastation over the loss of Graeme, their cherished father, grandfather, and spouse. However, they found solace in the fact that Graeme achieved the swift departure he desired, avoiding the further decline of dementia that he feared. In his final weeks, he experienced love, friendship, and appreciation, leaving this world on a positive note. The family remains grateful for his wise, ethical, and dedicated life.

5. Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s grandparents

Eleanor Atwood Gibson’s maternal grandparents are Carl Edmund Atwood, an entomologist, and Margaret Dorothy (née Killam), a former dietitian and nutritionist from Woodville, Nova Scotia. Her paternal grandparents are career Army officer Brigadier General Thomas Graeme Gibson and radio singer Mary (née Cameron).

6. Eleanor Atwood Gibson is an actress

Eleanor Atwood Gibson, according to her IMDb page, is an actor. Black Moon (2011) and Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word Is Power (2019) have been credited to her. Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word Is Power, a documentary about her mother, featured her as herself.

7. Is Eleanor Atwood Gibson married?

We cannot confirm or deny whether she is married or not. Eleanor does not discuss her life, and he has avoided social media and mainstream media for the majority of his existence. According to The Guardian’s “Margaret Atwood: ‘She’s ahead of everyone in the room'” story, Eleanor is now an art historian who lives in Brooklyn with her mother Margaret Atwood’s grandson. Eleanor is a mother with a son, however, it is unknown whether or not she is currently married. Her marital status is likewise unknown.

8. Eleanor Atwood Gibson is a private person

Eleanor Atwood Gibson, unlike other people who want to be everywhere, because they are celebrities’ children, has managed to keep her life private. She tries to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. She is rarely seen in the news and is rarely seen at public activities or events.

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