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Ellie Schnitt: Read how the 25-year-old rose to stardom with the power of social media! 

Ellie Schnitt (born July 28, 1996) is a popular Instagram user who is known for her videos and photos.

Ellie Schnitt Height, Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Salary, TikTok, Hometown, Boyfriend, Family, Dating, and how she rose to fame can be found in the full article.

Ellie Schnitt: Read how the 25-year-old rose to stardom with the power of social media!  1


Ellie Schnitt is one of America’s most well-known and wealthy Instagram stars. On Instagram, Ellie began a podcast and a daily short video show. 


Her social media photographs and videos are inspired by her personal life and culture. She rose to fame and recognition as a result of social media. She also uses TikTok to post short films.

Ellie is one of the superstars that has used social media to increase her recognition and earnings. 

Ellie Schnitt: Read how the 25-year-old rose to stardom with the power of social media!  2

Despite her celebrity, most fans don’t know much about her, such as her hometown, age, or the problems that followed her resignation from Barstool. This is her biography, which will give you some insight into who she is.


Ellie Schnitt was born in the United States on June 28th, 1996. Ron Schnittman (father) and Laurie Baker (mother) are her parents (mother). Her mother works at the Chicago Jewish Community Center. There isn’t much information about her parents or family history available.

How old is Ellie Schnitt? 

She is currently 25 years old. 

Ellie Schnitt Height 

Ellie is a tall woman, standing 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She weighs 43 kg. Her eyes are dark, her hair is brown, and she wears a US size 6 shoe. She has yet to have a tattoo on her body. Due to her outspoken demeanor and stunning features, she has a sizable fan base.


Where is Ellie Schnitt from? 

She’s from the state of Illinois. She grew up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood and was born into a close-knit Jewish family. 

Ellie Schnitt Education 

What college did Ellie Schnitt attend? The social media sensation embodies beauty and intelligence. She completed her high school education at Northbrook, Illinois.

She enrolled in Illinois State University in 2014 after graduating from high school and graduated in 2018. She majored in English with a Linguistics specialization.



Ellie Schnitt has a successful career as a podcast host and social media influencer. She rose to prominence on the internet after a series of postings on her Twitter account. In February 2012, she started a Twitter account.

She started working at the site Barstool Sports in 2018, but quit in 2020. The blog was started by David Portnoy in 2003.

Ellie Schnitt: Read how the 25-year-old rose to stardom with the power of social media!  3

Ellie Schnitt’s vocal ability, in addition to her eloquence, were on display while she was with Barstool.


She now devotes her time to maintaining her YouTube channel, Schnitt Talk. The channel is made up of videos in which she talks on a variety of issues, most of which are relevant to people in their twenties.

Why Ellie Schnitt left Barstool 

She revealed that her stint on the program and at Barstool Sports would be coming to an end on September 8th, 2020, after two years at the company. 

Ellie Schnitt Barstool’s unexpected demise was not well welcomed by her many followers, who speculated about the reasons for her departure.


Ellie Schnitt, what happened to her? The reason for her departure was never revealed. After two years at Barstool, she stated in an emotional episode of Schnitt Talk that she was ready for a new challenge. 

The social media star appeared to be excited to begin a new chapter in her career. She also expressed gratitude to her coworkers for assisting her in her professional development during her tenure at Barstool. She expressed her gratitude to the numerous listeners that listened to her weekly podcast. 

Ellie Schnitt Net Worth 

Ellie Schnitt’s net worth is predicted to be USD 5 million as of 2021. Her brief videos on YouTube earn her a good living. Social media platforms are her primary sources of wealth and income. As of 2021, she earns more than a hundred thousand dollars every year.


Ellie Schnitt Boyfriend

Ellie Schnitt is not presently dating or in a relationship because she does not have a partner. Ellie had had a boyfriend in the past, according to some sources. The section will be updated as soon as the valid information becomes available.

Ellie Schnitt Social Media 

Ellie has a huge following on Instagram and Twitter, with over 185k and 554.9k followers, respectively. Schnitt Talk is her YouTube channel, where she posts amusing videos. There are 14k people that have signed up for the channel.

Ellie Schnitt is without a doubt one of today’s most well-known social media influencers. On numerous social media channels, she has gained a sizable following. Among many young people worldwide, she is a force to be reckoned with. 


Profile Summary 

Date of birth: June 28th, 1996 

Age: 25

Zodiac sign: Cancer 


Place of birth: United States 

Nationality: American 

Hair colour: Blonde 


Eye colour: Blue 

Education: Illinois State University 

Marital status: Not married 


Instagram page: @ellie_schnitt 

YouTube channel: @Schnitt Talk 

Twitter account: @holy_schnitt 


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