Flexi Rods: 15 frequently asked questions and answers!

Flexi Rods

Check out answers to 15 frequently asked questions about Flexi Rods!

1. What are the Flexi Rods?


You must have seen some fanciful plastic objects in your beauty store but unaware of what purpose they serve or why they are important.

Well, Flexible Rods or Flexi Rods are soft heatless tubes used in making beautiful and elegant curls on your weaves, natural hair or wigs. The shape and structure of the Flexi Rods allow you to twist and turn them in in in in in in in in in in in any direction in your hair to get your desired shape. The idea of it being heatless is that it doesn’t cause any form of damage to your hair.


Flexi Rods

2. Why should I use Flexi Rods?

Aside from it being heatless, they are more comfortable to use than the conventional set of rollers. They are very soft such that you can twist and bend them into the “nooks and crannies” of your hair to get your desired curl. Also, they are not expensive and they give you similar results both on your natural hair and weaves.

3. How do I use Flexi Rods?


There are several ways to use Flexi Rods depending on the texture of your hair, the type you are using and the style you want to achieve with them. However, you can follow these simple steps below. Before using Flexi Rods, you must have washed your, apply hair conditioner, comb it well and make it as straight as possible.

Use your brush to carve out the section of your hair you want to curl.

Wrap each section of the hair around the Flexi Rods and roll it up to the scalp while you then twist the end of the rods to hold the hair firmly.

Repeat the same process till every strand of your hair is well wrapped around the rods. Then cover your head with a light scarf, preferably satin while you go to bed.


Watch your beautiful curls unfold the next morning as you remove the rods.

Flexi Rods: 15 frequently asked questions and answers! 1

4. How long should the Flexi Rods

You can decide to have it on for three hours or more. But to achieve the best result, you should have it strapped around your hair overnight.


5. What type of hair can flex rods be used on?

They can be used on almost any type of hair and you can be assured that you will still get a desirable result. However, this will depend on the type of rods you use, how moisturised your hair is and how long you leave them in your hair.

6. How many Flexi Rods do I need for a full head?

This will depend on how long your hair is and the texture as well. You can decide to get between 25-35 rods just to be on the safe side. It wouldn’t be nice to run out rollers while applying them to your hair.


7. Can Flexi Rods lead to breakage?

They are Beatles tubes so the chances of your hair breaking away or it being damaged is very rare.

Flexi Rods: 15 frequently asked questions and answers! 2

8. How long will the curl last?


This also depends on individuals. The longevity of your curls will depend on how well you maintain and cater to them particularly when you go to bed. The kind of shape also contributes to this as well. However, your curls should about a week and some days.

9. How do I maintain my curls after removing the rods?

You wouldn’t want your beautiful curls to just fizzle out after a day or two. So this means you have to take extra caution in maintaining them. You can apply some hair oil or any other hair maintenance product over the top every morning.

10. What type or size of Flexi rods should I use?


They come in different shapes and sizes which means that different variation of curls can be created with the flexi rods. Therefore, the type or size of the one you should use depends on the type of curls you want to wear basically.

11. Can I still use Flexi Rods with my short hair?

Unfortunately, you might not be able to use them if have short hair because your hair needs to be wrapped around them. Those with long hair are at an advantage when it comes to using Flexi rods. The beauty of it can only be fully appreciated when someone with long hair dons them.

13. Can they be washed?


Just like any other hair materials like brushes, combs among others, you can wash your flex rods with warm soapy water and dry them with a napkin afterwards.

14. How much is a set of Flexi Rods?

The price range differs but you can get a set for $5-$10

15. Where can I buy Flexi Rods?


You can get a set orore at your local hair or beauty shop near you. You can also order online from hair or beauty vendors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flexi Rods

1. They can be used on a wide variety of hair types
2. They are Beatles and they don’t cause damage to your hair.
3. They are flexible and permeable which makes one feel comfortable than using any other roller set.
4. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose to get anyone based on the style you desire
5. They are the most common roller set.

1. You can’t use them if you have short hair.
2. They might take a while to dry for dense hairs.


Flexi Rods remains your choice if you want to get that gorgeous and bouncy curls you have always desired.


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