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Glendale Murder: How michael miller Glendale sang Enimen’s song before murdering his wife and kid

Michael Miller Glendale

Michael Miller is an American man from Glendale. He became very famous many years ago not because he won an Olympic gold or a veteran medal. He became well-known for a grievous murder. Michael Miller Glendale killed not just his wife but also his 10-year-old. He also killed his son but the four-year-old boy survived despite being stabbed by his father multiple times – he was stabbed the most, yet he survived. This unfortunate incident happened more than a decade ago.

In this post, we will share how the incident happened and what probably influenced Michael Miller Glendale to kill his family. We will also let you know whether Michael Miller was charged to court and whether or not he is still in jail given that the incident happened a long time ago in the United States.

How Michael Miller Glendale killed his family

On May 30, Michael Brian Miller, who is 29 years old, contacted the police to report that he had killed his family. Upon arriving at the scene, the police found that Miller had been truthful about the crime; his wife and 10-year-old daughter had been killed, and his 4-year-old son was severely injured. The officers were confronted with a gruesome scene of bloodshed. According to court documents, Miller had a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and he believed that both God and the devil had compelled him to commit the murders. In an unexpected turn, Miller claimed that he had stabbed his son the most because he loved him the most. According to the police report, Michael sang a song by popular rap musician Eminem before killing his wife and daughter:

Michael Miller Glendale

Just before stabbing her at 4 a.m., he told police he started screaming lyrics from an Eminem song, saying, “Here comes Satan, I’m the anti-Christ, I’m going to kill you.”

Miller admitted to police that when the kids awoke to their mother’s screams, he stabbed them too. He said he stabbed his son Brian the most because he loved him the most.

Then he rolled a cigarette, said another prayer, and called 911, police say.


Why Michael Miller killed his family

Micheal Miller from Arizona killed his own family, including his wife Adriana Miller and his children, in December 2009. Miller allegedly told officers that he lost control after a disagreement with his wife the night before not getting enough sleep. Miller also claimed that he stabbed his son because he loved him the most. Brian dialed 911 on May 30 to report that he had just slain his family.

Is Michael Miller in Jail?

In December 2009, Michael Brian Miller was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the murder of his wife and daughter and the killing of his son with a kitchen knife at their home in Glendale. Since then, there has been little progress in the lawsuit. Miller was forthcoming about his crime when the police arrived, and the officers witnessed a gruesome scene. His four-year-old son survived the attack but was severely injured. Despite Miller’s brother’s testimony in court, stating that Miller was a devoted family man who suffered from severe mental illness, Miller remains incarcerated, and his sentence has not been reconsidered.


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