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Habiba Abdul-Jabbar: How Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Ex-wife Is Faring After Divorce From The NBA Legend!

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is the former wife of veteran NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who won six titles while playing for the the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers where he won most of his titles between 1971 and 1988. Despite being the wife of a celebrity at that time, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar lived off the radar of the media.

Before Habiba Abdul-Jabbar got married to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, she had to covert from Christianity to Islam which made her change her name as a result. She was formerly known as Janice Brown. It is also interesting to note that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also converted from Christianity to Islam, But it was not when he meet his former wife. He was formerly known as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.

Since their divorce, Habiba Adul-Jabbar has practically retreated into her “shell” while Kareem, being a NBA legend still makes publiic appearances quite frequently. He was present at the Crypto.com Arena when Lebron James broke his record for the most points scored in NBA history. He presented the Lebron with a basketball on the historic night.


In this post, we will share all what we know about Karren Abdul-Jabbar former wife Habiba Adul-Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s Biography

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar was born in the state of New York in October 1950. Her given name was Janice Brown, and she was raised in an American Christian family who were devout Catholics. Brown converted to Islam after her marriage to Kareem and changed her name to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s height

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s age

If Habiba was born in October 1950, as many media stories claim, she is already 72 years old and will turn 73 in 2023.

According to a source, even Abdul-Jabbar was unaware that they were not able to enter the wedding venue until the ceremony began. This resulted in a serious breach between Habiba and Abdul-Jabbar early in their marriage.

After a while, Abdul-Jabbar was able to reunite the two families. When he went on national television, he would often say, “Hi to Moms and Pops in New York.”


Career of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar has remained virtually unknown over the years, as she is rarely seen or heard from. Because she chose to remain completely out of the spotlight, little is known about her lifestyle, ambitions, or present activities. However, we were able to uncover some information regarding the basketball legend’s ex-wife. According to her Facebook page, Abdul-Jabbar is a runner who is passionate about sports in general. She runs the “RunHabibaRun” Facebook page. Tutu Glam, her clothing company, specialises on extravagant tutu skirts.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

Net worth of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

According to media sources, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s net worth ranges from $2 million to $4 million.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s family

The family of Habib Abdul-JabbarKareem Jr., Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Sultana, Adam Abdul-Jabbar, and Amir Abdul-Jabbar, from left.
Habiba Abdul-Jabbar and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar originally met in high school, when the latter was attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Cliff Anderson, a basketball player who was Habiba’s boyfriend at the time, introduced them.


Abdul-Jabbar invited Habiba to a basketball game in Los Angeles, and their friendship blossomed. After dating for a while, the couple decided to marry.

The couple got married according to Islamic religious procedures on May 28, 1971. They married in Washington, D.C., at a ceremony officiated by Hamas Abdul-Khaalis, the Hanafi moment’s leader. The bride converted to Islam shortly before the wedding and changed her name from Janice Brown to Habiba. Meanwhile, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born in Harlem, New York. His birth name was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, but he changed it to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after converting to Islam. Due to their Christian faith, Habiba’s parents, who had travelled down from New York, were not permitted to witness the wedding ceremony in the mosque.

Children of Habiba and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Habiba and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are parents to three children: two daughters, Habiba and Sultana, and one son, Kareem Jr.


Their firstborn, Habiba Alcindor, works as a journalist, contributing to publications such as the Huffington Post under her pen name. Kareem Jr., following in his father’s footsteps, pursued a career in basketball and briefly ventured into acting, making an appearance in the film “Weapons.”

Sultana, the third child, served as an assistant for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008 for approximately five months. Later, she took on the role of an administrative assistant at Children’s Institute Inc. in December 2009, where she dedicated over four years. Sultana holds a degree in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar
Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and their children

Other Children of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Before finalizing his divorce from Habiba, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar began relationships with other women, resulting in the birth of two additional children: Adam and Amir Abdul-Jabbar.


Amir Abdul-Jabbar’s mother is Cheryl Piston, and he has become one of the most accomplished neurosurgeons in the United States. He successfully graduated from the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco.

Adam Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem’s youngest son, was born in 1992, but his mother’s identity remains undisclosed. In November 2021, at the age of 31, Adam made headlines for stabbing a neighbor, leading to a reported six-month prison sentence.

Divorce of Abdul-Jabbar and Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

The dissolution of Abdul-Jabbar’s marriage to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar stemmed from two primary factors: Abdul-Jabbar’s debilitating migraines and his relationship with Cheryl Pistono. Tragically, Abdul-Jabbar lost six relatives and a friend, all members of the Hanafi group, in a violent incident that occurred in a house he had purchased for them. This incident intensified Abdul-Jabbar’s migraines, marking a pivotal moment in the unraveling of their marriage.


Abdul-Jabbar admitted to Al Jazeera that his initial marriage to Habiba was influenced by their spiritual leader’s advice. Despite harboring deep affections for another woman, he chose to marry Habiba out of respect for his religious leader.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar

The introduction of Cheryl Pistono into Abdul-Jabbar’s life catalyzed a significant rupture in his marriage. Allegedly, an extramarital affair with Pistono prompted them to live separately. Pistono’s influence on Abdul-Jabbar surpassed that of his professors, coaches, and friends. Eventually, she advised him to pursue a divorce, a suggestion that Abdul-Jabbar eventually acted upon.

By December 1973, Abdul-Jabbar and Habiba were no longer cohabiting. Despite their separation, Abdul-Jabbar maintained frequent visits to his estranged wife and their first child, Habiba. During their separation, Habiba was in the early stages of pregnancy with their second daughter, and they also welcomed their only son during this period of living apart.


Habiba Abdul-Jabbar now

Is Habiba Abdul-Jabbar alive? Yes, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is still alive only that she stays away from the frenzy of the media.


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