“He lost the game but prefers to talk about someone’s Dad” – Is Pogba’s latest comment on Mourinho out of place? Video👇

Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba has taken what can be considered as a swipe on former Manager Jose Mourinho in a recent interview.

Paul Pogba, while reflecting on Manchester United’s impressive win over Tottenham last Sunday and the differences between the managerial styles of the Portuguese and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer made some subtle remarks on Mourinho.

In an interview with Skysports News, Pogba revealed that, unlike Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer doesn’t go against his players or criticize them openly.

He also mentioned that Mourinho tends to sideline a player as though he doesn’t exist – a trait that is not found in Solksjaer’s style of management. Pogba went on to say that with Mourinho each day.

“What I have now with Ole is different because he doesn’t go against the players, he either not put them…”

Recall that the relationship between the duo got sore after Mourinho reportedly called Pogba virus after his performance in Man Utd 2-2 draw against Southampton in 2018.

While commenting on the victory against Tottenham, Pogba said;

“We won the game, he [JosĂ© Mourinho] lost the game and doesn’t want to speak about the game. He wants to speak about the dad of someone, that’s what he does. You know, everybody knows him. It’s very Mourinho”

Pogba’s reaction comes after Mourinho’s response on Ole Solksjaer’s comment on not giving his son food based on how Son Heung-Min overly reacted after what was adjudged to be a foul on him in the match.

Pogba has since received criticisms based on his comments on the the Tottenham Hotspur boss.

The question is, Is Pogba’s comment unnecessary?


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