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Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble

Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble 2

One of the most challenging but desirable thing in life is to have a successful career as will as a prosperous marriage as well. While others have a successful career but failed marriage, Hilary Quilan and Bryant Gumbel are an exception. 

Today’s episode on “Celebrity Watch” focuses on Hilary Quinlan. Even though she is not as popular as her husband who is a sports presenter, she is also quite famous among those who follow daily updates about big organisations like UNICEF. 

You will get to know more about Hilary Quilan in this post. Details about her background, career, net worth, among other information that should be of interest to you will be discussed in subheadings. 


Who is Hilary Quinlan? 

Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble 3

Hilary Quinlan, the blonde-haired beauty is well-known for serving on the UNICEF USA board of directors. She has also worked as a model and is an accomplished author. Although she rose to prominence as a result of her relationship with Bryant Gumbel, she also has an impressive professional career. You must be curious about Bryant Gumbel’s wife.

Hilary Quinlan was born in the United States and reared there. She is a very private person, thus the actual details of her early life, such as her date of birth, where she was born, and who her parents are, have remained a mystery to the public. The only thing we know about her is that she is an American citizen of white origin.

She is an intelligent woman. However, just like her personal information, little is known about her scholastic background, including which high school she attended and when she graduated. We do know that she graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree.



Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble 4
Hilary Quinlan and her husband Bryant Gumble

You can tell Hilary Quinlan is a career woman just by looking at her. She has a lengthy career that includes work as a researcher, author, and model. While there is little information about her background, it is known that she worked as a researcher at Goldman Sachs, a worldwide investment bank and financial services firm. Quinlan had already done some modeling in her earlier years.

While Hilary rose to prominence as a result of her connection with Bryant Gumbel, she is also known for serving on the board of directors of UNICEF USA, which she joined in 2012. She had previously worked as an adviser for UNICEF USA, where she assisted in the development and improvement of their celebrity and ambassador marketing strategy.

Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble 5

She is also a published author who has created a cookbook for UNICEF called UniChef: Top Chefs Unite. The book, which went on to become a best-selling cookbook, is recognized as the first celebrity collaboration on behalf of a social cause. She also donated the earnings from her book’s sale to UNICEF.


Audrey Hepburn was awarded the Audrey Hepburn Award for her great achievements and accomplishments.

Hilary Quinlan and Bryant Gumble 

It’s no secret that Hilary Quinlan and Bryant Gumble are a match made in heaven. Although she prefers to keep the facts of her relationship hidden from prying eyes, we already know that the couple met in Chicago several years ago. Hilary was working at an investment banking firm at the time.

Hilary Quinlan: 6 fascinating facts about the wife of ace sportscaster, Bryant Gumble 6

After Bryant’s 28-year marriage to his first wife ended in divorce, he and Hilary made their relationship public. Two years later, the couple married in a small wedding ceremony with only 25 attendees, including close friends and family members. In August 2002, they married at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.


Since then, the pair has been enjoying a happy marriage. They’ve been together for nearly 18 years and there are no signs of marital problems between them. Despite the fact that they do not have children of their own, the beautiful couple may have plans to do so in the future. They are currently based in New York, USA.

Bryant Gumble Divorce

While Hilary’s marriage was her first, Bryant’s marriage was his second. He had previously been married to June Baranco. The pair married in 1973 and were married for almost 28 years before their relationship soured, resulting in a divorce in 2000.

Bryant was accused of adultery by his ex-wife during their highly publicized divorce. Even before his marriage to June collapsed, it was claimed that the TV star and Quinlan were having an affair. Quinlan was also accused of playing a role in the breakup of Gumbel’s marriage.


Bryant has two children from his marriage to June: a son called Bradley Christopher Gumbel and a daughter named Jillian Beth Gumbel. 

Hilary Quinlan Height

Hilary Quinlan is a stunning woman with a captivating demeanor. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is the normal height of an American woman. Hilary has perfect measurements with her thin bodybuild and 54 kg weight. However, her exact body dimensions, such as her breast, waist, and hips, are unknown. In addition, she flaunts blonde hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

Although Hilary Quinlan is married to Bryant Gumbel, a popular TV host, she is also accomplished in her own right. She has worked in various upstream businesses and amassed significant money. Quinlan has a long list of accomplishments, including periods as a researcher and board member of UNICEF USA. Her net worth is reported to be $3m


Hilary Quinlan as earlier stated, is a private person. Not much is known about her private life. but then one thing we know is that she is a very s7ceasfil woman and she been able to stay out of controversy.



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