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How Charlie Puth gay rumour began?

How Charlie Puth gay rumour began? 2
How Charlie Puth gay rumour began? 3
Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth has been linked to some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women, but there’s also that story about Shawn Mendes and him. 

Despite the fact that Charlie Puth has been linked to a number of women in the past, some fans have speculated that the singer is gay.

When Charlie Puth allegedly exchanged body photographs with fellow crooner Shawn Mendes, rumours erupted. But how did these rumours get established in the first place?


Is it true that Charlie Puth is gay?

After talking about Shawn Mendes in an interview, the American musician, who has been in the spotlight since uploading his songs on YouTube, became the talk of the town.

Charlie Puth revealed that while he and Shawn were on tour together in the past, they used their phones to compare their physique. He allegedly stated that they were in the process of expanding.

Charlie Puth in an interview

That’s where the claim of “s*xting” was made. When the host asked Shawn about the photo exchange, he made a joke about it.


Shawn Mendes responded to Charlie’s claim by revealing that he and his fellow singer do not share shirtless images of themselves.

“When Charlie Puth was in here, he informed us that you guys send each other selfies comparing your bodies,” one of the hosts at 104.3 MYfm said, to which Shawn responded, “Why does Charlie do this?”

“They were on the road together…now they’re not on the road together,” the DJ continued. ‘Are you still s*xting each other?’ says the narrator. ‘This is not a thing,’ Shawn clarified. Charlie sent me a snapshot of himself once. I didn’t respond to the photograph… I’m not sure why he’s boasting about it. As though this is something he should be revealing to others.”

Charlie Puth in an interview

“He said you guys are in competition,” the host interjected. You’re attempting to exercise and such. So he had some beefed-up images of himself and said, ‘I’m sending this one to Shawn Mendes right now.’ “He probably had none of me,” the Canadian singer responded. “I didn’t send any because I didn’t send any.”

While this may be the explanation for the increase in LGBT rumours regarding Charlie, the two nonetheless have a solid bromance. Fans couldn’t wait for the two to collaborate on a single. It’s possible that it will happen, but the longer their fans wait, the more worried they will become.

Charlie Puth is an outspoken supporter of gay rights

Despite the fact that the acclaimed artist is not gay, he is a strong supporter of gay rights. In May 2020, he wrote on Twitter, โ€œGay Rights!โ€ One of his fans commented, โ€œA supportive, loving soul! Using your platform to unite us, not divide us. Continue to speak out and represent everyone, @charlieputh. This is why we stan.โ€


Apart from pushing for gay rights and making music, the 29-year-old actress enjoys TikTok and often participates in viral video trends. He revealed the explanation for the slit on his eyebrow in one of his articles, saying it was a scar from a childhood dog bite.

How Charlie Puth gay rumour began? 4
Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth’s relationships and affairs

Charlie not only astonished his admirers with his pop hymn, but he also made them fall in love with his romantic interests. He’s been romantically linked to a slew of celebs, from Charlotte Lawrence to Selena Gomez.

After they were photographed together visiting fashion shows during NYFW in February last year, rumours regarding his relationship with Charlotte began to circulate. However, things between the two did not turn out well.


Charlie was caught getting cozy with Halston Sage in 2018, and the two were inseparable for a few weeks before parting ways.

Despite the fact that they did not confirm or refute the rumours regarding their relationship’s true status, many were convinced otherwise due to their charming Instagram PDA.


Fans always suspected there was something more between Charlie and Selena Gomez among the ladies in his life. The duo is best known for their collaboration on the smash song “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

While the model claimed they were merely friends, Charlie stated that they had a brief connection that made a lasting impression on him.


“It’s about a specific time in my life when someone very close to me craved the attention of someone else,” he revealed. I may have done some shady things after I found out and we ended it, and she may have asked, ‘How long has this been going on?’

I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can seem genuine is if something else is going on behind the scenes. And that’s exactly what was going on with Selena. Very short-lived, very insignificant, but extremely powerful. And it messed me up a lot.”

He also had a tumultuous romance with Bella Thorne. They were quite open about their romance, from hanging out at the beach to walking the Jingle Ball red carpet together. Bella, on the other hand, thought she wasn’t dating him at all. “Basically, Ty and I stopped dating, and Charlie had been tweeting about me for a while,” the actress admitted in an interview.


He was attempting to contact me. I’d met him twice and had hung out with him both times. We went to see a movie. He was a cool dude… So I thought this was going to be a fun event, and then it all got blown out of proportion.”

Charlie accused Bella of cheating on her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey with him, Bella revealed. However, the actress and her partner had already broken up before she went together with the musician. “Charlie read an old news piece and didn’t look at the date, and the date is ancient, and it’s about me and Ty,” Bella explained.


In Charlie’s defense, it sounded like it was about me and Ty still being together when he read it without reading the date. He didn’t even send me a text message or speak to me about it.”

Charlie Puth has had romantic relationships with women over the years. He has only been in relationships with female celebrities, indicating that he is not gay. “I swear Charlie Puth gay trends every single day..amusing it’s cuz he’s not,” one of his fans defended him on Twitter.



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