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How did Sharkeisha Thompson become popular? Fight video explained! 

How did Sharkeisha Thompson become popular? Fight video explained!  2

Let no one deceive you, fame is sweet, everyone desires it and they are quite a handful of ways to become popular nowadays especially with the power of the internet – social media. 

While some became popular because of their crafts in modelling, music, movies, and comedy others attain fame in sports, politics, business and via social media as social media influencers. 

The aforementioned professions/career paths are very desirable and one can easily become popular through them. One can also become popular by being an engineer, doctor or lawyer – the professions our parents wanted for us while growing up. 


However, no one wants to get popular by being involved in a bad thing, event or a terrible controversy. Well, Sharkeisha Thompson became popular on the internet for getting involved in a terrible fight. Sharkeisha Thompson, unfortunately, died at some point in her life. 

Who is Sharkeisha Thompson and how did she die? We shall tell you what we know about her, the circumstances that made her famous and the tragic situation that led to her death! 

Who is Sharkeisha Thompson? 

How did Sharkeisha Thompson become popular? Fight video explained!  3
Sharkeisha Thompson fight video

Sharkeisha Thompson, a 16-year-old girl, became viral in 2013 after sucker-punching a 17-year-old classmate. In 2021, where is she now?


After a video of her hitting a teenage girl went viral, Sharkeisha Thompson became an overnight star.

Ms. Thompson had to be held by her companions while the victims lied on the ground, hiding her head and face with her hands, and the video went viral almost immediately.

According to sources, the attack was so savage that the victim, Shamichael Manuel, displayed fleeting signs of Parkinson’s disease.


The incident sparked so much discussion on the internet that her name was added to the Urban Dictionary. “To punch the soul from another being’s body,” it said of her name.

So, where does Sharkeisha Thompson stand in the year 2022? Is she alive or dead?

Where Sharkeisha Thompson now?

According to huzlers.com, Sharkeisha Thompson was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting in 2013.


She was one of the people shot during the incident. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, she was pronounced dead.

An 18-year-old boy was another victim. He was shot as well and taken to the same hospital, but his injuries were not life-threatening and he was able to live.

Both victims were traveling near Fifth Avenue Park when the incident occurred, according to the website. Unidentified individuals shot them at least 18 times.


It’s unclear whether the criminals were ever apprehended. Furthermore, no reputable media sources have corroborated the news.

Sharkeisha Thompson’s Fight Video 

Following the controversial 2013 altercation between Thompson and a classmate, Sharkeisha Thompson became well-known.

Shamichael Manuel, then 17 years old, was fully unaware of the coming attack, according to the Daily Mail. After school, Ms. Thompson and her pals asked her to an apartment.

How did Sharkeisha Thompson become popular? Fight video explained!  4

The victim claimed she thought of her as a friend and never expected her to punch her in the face. Sharkeisha Thompson hit her in the face as she stepped outside the apartment, then continued to kick her as she fell to the ground.

(Watch Sharkeisha fight video here)

Thompson’s friends had to intervene and restrain her before she could do any more harm.


Shamichael said the attack was motivated by a relationship dispute. She also got a black eye, a busted lip, and other minor injuries as a result of the incident.

Olivia Henderson, Shamichael’s mother, was in the grocery store when she overheard others laughing about the video. They discovered their mistake when she told them it was her kid on the video.

She claimed that instead of teaching Thompson a lesson, the film glorified her and her actions. Thompson was allegedly arrested but later released after posting a $500 bond.


Wikipedia & Sharkeisha Thompson’s Age

Sharkeisha Thompson died when she was sixteen years old. She was confused for another Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson, 22, from North Carolina, after the viral fight event. However, the victim confirmed that the attacker was 16 and attended the same Texas high school as her.

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