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Irwin Gaston: The man who died while performing oral sex with his plus-size wife! 

Irwin Gaston: The man who died while performing oral sex with his plus-size wife!  2

Death can come in several ways but Irwin Gaston’s death can be considered or described, without being been petty or mischievous, as a “pleasurable death.”

So how did the 31-year-old die? Did his wife get a jail term? All the information you need to know can be found in this article. 

Irwin Gaston Obituary

The 31-year-old man, was murdered by his large wife Annabelle Gaston after they had oral sex. According to sources, he died of a heart collapse while being choked to death.


Following that, Franklin County District Court Judge Henry Miller sentenced Annabelle Gaston to ten years and six months in prison, calling her sexual activity “very risky behavior” and “completely reckless conduct” for a woman of her size.

Irwin Gaston

The prosecutor proved this by producing data stating that it took at least 12 minutes for paramedics to extract Irwin Gaston’s head from within Annabelle Gason’s genitals.

Who was Irwin Gaston? 

Irwin Gaston was the spouse of Annabelle Gaston, a 480-pound woman who died after she was subjected to oral sex.

He died as a result of suffocation after a cardiac arrest.


Gaston’s head was removed from the defendant’s genitals 17 minutes before the 911 call and 59 minutes after the defendant’s genitals had been removed.

Furthermore, Gaston was hospitalized last year just weeks after the couple’s honeymoon when’significant amounts of fecal matter’ entered his lungs ‘during oral-anal intercourse,’ according to a medical report presented in court.

Irwin Gaston Wife Annabelle Gaston Manslaughter 

Irwin Gaston’s wife, Annabelle Gaston, was convicted of manslaughter when her husband was discovered dead after having oral sex with her.


Annabelle was arrested last year when her 31-year-old husband, died of suffocation after suffering a heart attack.

She told the 911 operator that she was sitting on her husband’s face when she noticed his skin had become a different hue as he was giving her cunnilingus.

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