Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent 2

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent

The name Brianna Keilar is one that is familiar but again not well known. In this article, Brianna Keilar would be properly introduced based on her personal life, career, and all the rumors about her will be exposed.

Brianna Keilar is the senior political correspondent and anchor for CNN in the Washington, D.C. Bureau. she is not only good at her work but is also a wonderful mother and wife. She is both intelligent and beautiful she has established herself as a veteran famous name in the news and journalism field.

She was born in Canberra, Australia on the 21st of September 1980. She is a very private person, especially with her personal life. , She gives her all whenever she gets an opportunity. The public does not know a lot that goes on in her life. Let’s take a look at who Brianna Keilar is.

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent 3

Deeper in the article it will be explained how she chose the profession to be a News anchor and correspondent. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches weighs 55 kg with beautiful blond hair which she flaunts a lot and blue eyes she also loves exposing her gorgeous legs. She is of American and Australian nationality who is a Christian.

Personal life

The father of Brianna Keilar father Glen is of Australian origin Her mother is Mariam who is of American descent. Along with her parents, they all moved to the United States. she went to Mission Viejo High School and graduated in 1998. She received both her bachelors’ degrees in Philosophy and Mass Communication later the same year from the University of California which is where she graduated in 2001.

Many people would still think Brianna Keilar is in her 20’s The hot and sexy American journalist turned in September 40 this year. She has taken care of herself hence maintaining a youthful look.

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent 4


Brianna Keilar married producer and a sound manager Dave French at Sedona Arizona on the 2nd of May 2009 and they had Their honeymoon was in Panama.
the marriage seemed okay as there were no rumors of any kind For seven years until Dave started missing in the wife’s photos. at some point, they called off their marriage and parted their ways. The couple separated and quietly divorced.

Fernando Lujan and Brianna Keilar got engaged on Independence Day on 4 July 2016news of their engagement broke via Facebook.  Fernando Lujan met Brianna Keilar four years earlier at a ‘post-work happy hour’. Her husband is the Afghanistan & Pakistan offices National Security Council director. On 30 December 2016 Two days before New Year Brianna Keilar held a wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.

The wedding was a weekend-long New Year’s celebration in Las Vegas Lujan donned in his military uniform Keilar was in a white wedding with Eighty-five guests present at their wedding ceremony. Keilar lost her mother to leukemia and carried her mother’s locket during the function while Lujan’s father died due to cancer as they both included their late parents at the ceremony by displaying their pictures.

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent 5

As of now, it marks four years of their romantic journey as they have been together since then. The couple has been blessed with a baby boy who was born on the 8th of July 2018. It was their firstborn son and they named him Antonio Allen Martinez Lujan.

Her husband has an older son from his previous relationship named Teddy Lujan. Brianna Keilar can spend quality time with her family during her free time Despite her busy schedule and does not shy of showing the world her beautiful family As of today the answer to if Brianna Keilar pregnant again is No. According to sources she also is not expectant.


She is a true definition of nothing is impossible as long as you give your best. Where she is in her career, is as a result of sheer hard work. , Before her big break at CNN Brianna Keilar had worked as a General reporter at KIMA-TV which is in Washington After graduation in 2001. on KFFM radio on station number 107.3 she hosted the Morning Zoo.

It was at KTVU Channel-2 She kicked off her career as an assistant in production and operation. She had also worked as a radio personality and host while still at KIMA-TV Previously in 2001. she made a bold move to relocate to New York back in 2003. Brianna Keilar left for New York to become a producer, reporter, and anchor at CBS News. at the age of 23 years She was able to fulfill her dream of working as the CBS News overnight main anchor for the weekend program evening news and She then became a freelance reporter at CBS
she had gained enough experience and is was a veteran by the time she was joining CNN.

Is Brianna Keilar pregnant? Other rumours we heard about the CNN correspondent 6

Brianna Keilar is an experienced host and a senior political correspondent currently at CNN who also acts as a miscellaneous assignment and White House correspondent. She has covered important stories such as the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 At CNN, which is a testament to how hard she has worked. she received the National Press Foundation’s Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress after covering the fall 2008 coverage of the $700 billion bank bailout.

Brianna Keilar net worth

Her accumulated earnings are estimated to be 8 million US Dollars. Brianna Keilar has earned a lot of money from her long-serving career. Brianna Keilar has worked for a long at CNN and The estimated pay scale for a news anchor at CNN is $64,367 but with Her current position as a senior correspondent, it should be a higher salary than that.

Her total earnings are from her reporting and appearances in different places globally make her one of the richest journalists in the world. What can be derived from the story of Brianna Keilar is that she does not allow anything to interfere with what is fundamental to her. Brianna Keilar over the course of her career has been able to show aspiring journalists the blueprint for success is hard work and ambition.

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