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Is Michael Bellah still in Jail? Story of Man who raped his ex-lover resurfaces online

Is Michael Bellah still in Jail? Story of Man who raped his ex-lover resurfaces online 2

Who is Michael Bellah?

Michael Bellah is an ex-convict who broke into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, assaulted her, and raped her eventually. Unfortunately, 911 (the United States emergency service couldn’help her at the point because there was no one on duty. 

The incidentbetween Michael Bellah and his ex-lover happened a few years ago but people are still interested in the case. Questions like “Where is Michael Bellah now?” “Is Michael Bellah still in jail?” 

In this post, we will share how the unfortunate incident happened, why there was no police officer to help and the current state of Michael Bellah as of 2023. 

What happened to Michael Bellah?

Michael Bellah was accused of misconduct and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The culprit is still in jail.


He had committed this brutal crime when there were no cops on duty to answer her 911 plea for help. He was snatched in Oregon after he was forced into his ex-girlfriend’s house and stifled the woman, who was unable to get the police to come.

Michael Bellah, the culprit of this merciless crime, is still in prison. She was from Josephine County, and she dialed 911 to complain that her violent ex-boyfriend was attempting to break into her home, but in reply, she was told that there were no officers on duty to help her.

The operator replied, “I don’t have anybody to send out there.” You know, if he comes into your house and violates you, can you ask him to leave?

Michael Bellah

The woman clarified that her ex-boyfriend, Michael Bellah, had put her in the hospital just weeks prior and had been attempting to get rid of him.


The accused, Michael Bellah, was later taken to jail and pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assault.

Michael Bellah’s case had been in the headlines for several years. The story has come into the limelight after Josephine County residents narrowly defeated a ballot measure that may have stopped tragedies like this.

Due to the number of deputies at Josephine County’s Sheriff’s Department having been cut, seeking the termination of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act – a multimillion-dollar annual federal aid payment for timber-producing counties.

The remaining officers were only accessible from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.


The woman’s miserable call came on a Saturday. The county dispatcher conveyed her call to the state police, but at the time of the crime, there were no state troopers within easy reach to help her.

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