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Robert Sheehan gay? Facts about the 34-year-old Umbrella Academy star unveiled!

Robert Sheehan gay? Facts about the 34-year-old Umbrella Academy star unveiled! 2

Robert Sheehan was born on January 7, 1988 (age 32 as of 2020) in Portlaoise, County Laois, Ireland as Robert Michael Adam Sheehan. Sheehan has been interested in performing since he was a child. In his school production, ‘Oliver with a Twist,’ he played ‘Oliver.’ Sheehan auditioned for the film ‘Song for a Raggy Boy’ at the age of fourteen and was cast. He attended St Paul’s School in Portlaoise and then moved on to Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology to study film and television.

Is Robert Sheehan gay?

With reference to the popular saying in Economics that states that human wants are insatiable which means they are endless, the questions fans ask about celebrities are also infinite and this one; Is Robert Sheehan gay? is not an exception.

Fans always want to know all the details, (especially the ones that has to do with their private lives) about a celebrity they follow religiously and they have continued to find the answer to the question; Is Robert Sheehan gay?


Who is Robert Sheehan and why are people curious to know about his sexuality? In this article, we shall reveal what we know about the popular Irish star and of course provide the answer to the question; Is Robert Sheehan gay?

Is Robert Sheehan Gay?

Robert Sheehan can not be said to be a  household name in the American movie industry but he’s not a stranger nonetheless as he is considered as one of the fans’ favourites given his exceptional acting acumen; creative roll interpretation, flexibility among others and of course his charming personality.


His rise to stardom is not a fluke. His dedication, hard work coupled with his creative ingenuity has placed him in a very juicy spot among Hollywood’s finest actors hierarchy even though he’s not American and the Is Robert Sheehan gay question hangs around his neck like a collar. Robert is known for taking roles in Misfits (Nathan Young), Love and Hate (Darren), and The Umbrella Academy (Klaus)


His full name is Robert Michael Sheehan and he was born to Joe Sheehan and Maria Sheehan on the 7th of January, 7th January 1988 in Portlaoise, County Laois, Ireland. He has two siblings: Brendan Sheehan and Shauna Sheehan.

Joe Sheehan, Robert’s father, was a garda (policeman in the Republic of Ireland). Maria Sheehan is his mother’s name. Brendan Sheehan, the oldest brother, is also an Irish actor. Shauna Sheehan is his sister’s name. Robert is the youngest of three brothers and sisters. Robert’s family is originally from Portlaoise, although they now reside in Cork, Ireland.



Sheehan attended St Paul’s school in Portlaoise. Sceptical of whether theatre was a sustainable career choice, he studied film and television at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. He missed numerous months of the course to film Summer of the Flying Saucer, and failed his first-year examinations, and decided not to attempt the repeats.

He said he just wanted to go to college but not to sturdy theatre or film exactly.

In his words;


“I’m not sure if I want to be an actor. I want to go to college but not to study acting. But I’d like to do it to see where it takes me, so I’ll keep at it. I never really made any plans of any sort. As long as I can keep getting a few jobs, I will be grateful. It is great fun and wonderfully rewarding for a young fella. I will continue as long as I keep getting work.”

Is Robert Sheehan Gay? 

This question began to grow momentum as a result of the role he plays in The Umbrella Academy.  He features as Robert Sheehan portrays Klaus Hargreeves on the show. An openly gay character affectionately labelled “The Seance,” Klaus can commune with the dead (when he’s not too drugged up to use his ability). Whether from watching Robert Sheehan on the show, or just out of pure curiosity, many fans have taken to the internet wondering whether the actor is gay in real life.

Here is an answer to the “Is Robert Sheehan gay” question; he is not gay but he admitted that he had experienced it when he was younger.


He told The Irish Examiner that;

I think it would be irresponsible not to question your sexuality. I had a couple of experiences when I was younger with dudes where I tried it, experimented to see if it did anything for me…It didn’t, but I gave it a go!

Is Robert Sheehan Gay?


Robert Sheehan nonetheless supports gay rights. He posted a video on his Twitter page sometimes ago as he called on his fans in Ireland to vote for gay rights in the country.


Robert Sheehan began his career at a very tender age where he played the role of Oliver in Oliver with a Twist while he was in grade school.  At age 14, he went on to audition for a role in the movie Song of a Raggy Boy, he won the role and stayed in Cork for three months where the movie was filmed.

Since then, he has his career has been followed an upward trend which has seen him acted in tons of movies and Tv shows from 2003 to date.


These are some of the movies and TV shows Robert Sheehan has appeared far;

  • 2003 – Song for a Raggy Boy
  • 2003 – A Dublin Story
  • 2003 – An Cuainin
  • 2004 – Foreign Exchange
  • 2005 – Young Blades
  • 2006 – The Clinic
  • 2006 – Bel’s Boys
  • 2007 – The Helpless Creature
  • 2008 – Summer of the FLYING Saucer
  • 2008 – Bitter Sweet
  • 2008 – The Tudors
  • 2008 – Rock Rivals
  • 2008 – Lowland Fell
  • 2008 – Ghostwood
  • 2009 – Cherrybomb
  • 2009 – Red Riding: The Year of the Lord 1983
  • 2009 – Red Riding: The Year of the Lord 1980
  • 2009 – Red Riding: The Year of the Lord 1974
  • 2010 – A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventure
  • 2010 – Coming Up
  • 2011 – Season of the Witch
  • 2011 – Killing Bono
  • 2009 to 2011 – Misfits
  • 2011 – Demons Never Die
  • 2011 – The Borrowers
  • 2012 – Accused
  • 2012 – Me and Mrs Jones
  • 2012 – Immaturity for Charity
  • 2012 – In Love With Coward
  • 2013 – Push It
  • 2012 – The Mortals Instruments: City of Bones
  • 2010 to 2013 – Love/Hate
  • 2014 – Anita B
  • 2014 – RanDumb: The Adventures of an Iris Guy in LA
  • 2014 – The Road Within
  • 2014 – The Exchange
  • 2015 – Moonwalkers
  • 2015 – The Messengers
  • 2015 – Rideshare
  • 2016 – The Bigger Picture
  • 2016 – Jet Trash
  • 2016 – Banshee Betty
  • 2017 – Fortitude
  • 2017 – Three Summers
  • 2017 – Geostorm
  • 2017 – Dicky
  • 2018 – Mute
  • 2018 – Bad Samaritan
  • 2018 – Genius
  • 2018 – The Song of Sway Lake
  • 2018 – Mortal Engines
  • 2018 – The Young Offenders
  • 2019 – Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark
  • 2019 – Robot Chicken
  • 2019 to 2020 – The Umbrella Academy

He has also been nominated for some awards which include:

  • 2010 – Irish Film and Television Awards for the Rising Star Award (nominated)
  • 2011 – Monte-Carlo TV Festival for the Outstanding Actor: Drama Series in the 2019 film Misfits (nominated)
  • 2011 – Irish Film and Television Awards for the Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television in the 2009 film Misfits (nominated)
  • 2011 – BAFTA Awards for the Best Supporting in Actor in the 2019 film Misfits (nominated)
  • 2012 – Irish Film and Television Awards for the Best Supporting Actor: Television for 2009 Misfits (nominated)
  • 2013 – Irish Film and Television Awards for the Best Actor TV for the 2010 Love/Hate (nominated)
  • 2015 – Milano International Film Festival Awards (MIFF Awards) for the Best Actor in the 2014 film The Road Within (nominated)
  • 2017 – Irish Film and Television Awards for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Drama for the 2015 film Fortitude (nominated)
Net Worth

Robert Sheehan net worth is said  to be around $2m.



Robert Sheehan once dated Sofia Boutella – a French-Algerian actress and dancer.  They met while on set for the movie;  Jet Trash in Goa. They began their love affair in March 2014 but broke up four years later.

However, Robert Sheehan maintains that they are still friends and they love each other.


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  1. I think Robert Sheehan is gay, he is a good actor but not good enough to hide the fact that he is gay, and its only a matter of time before he comes out.

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