Jane Purucker Clarke 6 things to know about MLB Sandy Koufax’s wife. 

<strong>Jane Purucker Clarke 6 things to know about MLB Sandy Koufax's wife. </strong> 2

This post centers on what we know about Jane Purucker Clarke, the wife of the legendary American baseball player Sandy Koufax. We shall not only discuss her but also her husband. 

We shall provide details about Sandy Koufax’s background, education, career, and net worth among other vital details about him. 

Sanford Koufax, an American left-handed pitcher, played professionally in baseball. From 1955 to 1966, he pitched in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. When he was 36 years old in 1972, Koufax was the youngest player ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Many consider him to be one of baseball’s all-time great pitchers.

Where is Jane Purucker Clarke from? 

Jane Purucker is most likely an American. Unfortunately, we do not have exact details of where she was born, her family, siblings, and education among other details. Jane Purucker Clarke is widely known as the wife of Major League Baseball player, Sandy Koufax. They have been married since 2010. 

Jane Purucker Clarke is not Sandy Koufax’s first wife 

Koufax has been married three times. He has been married to Jane Purucker Clarke for a long time. He previously married Kimberly Francis, whom he married in 1985. However, due to irreconcilable differences, the two divorced in 1998. Sandy previously married Anne Koufax as his first wife in 1969. Anne Widmark is a well-known artist, and her father is the well-known actor Richard Widmark. However, the couple divorced and separated in 1982.

Jane Purucker Clarke

Koufax prefers to keep his personal life private, so no information about his relationship is available. The existence of his offspring is also unknown. 

Jane Purucker Clarke and Sandy Koufax’s children 

Jane and her husband don’t have any children together even though they have been married for about 13 years. Sandy Koufax didn’t have any children from his previous relationship. 

How old is Jane Purucker Clarke’s husband?

Sandy Koufax was born on December 30, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York, to a Jewish family. He is currently 88 years old. He is a Capricorn by birth, and he celebrates his birthday on December 30th each year. His parents, Jack and Evelyn Braun raised him in Borough Park. 

<strong>Jane Purucker Clarke 6 things to know about MLB Sandy Koufax's wife. </strong> 3

Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was three years old, and his mother remarried when he was nine. His mother remarried, and the family relocated to Long Island’s Rockville Center. He attended Lafayette High School and was an accomplished basketball player.

He began playing at the Community Center because no school sports were available at the time. He attended the University of Cincinnati after graduating from high school. 

Sandy Koufax net worth 

A former professional baseball player from the United States named Sandy Koufax has a 10 million dollar fortune. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sandy Koufax initially had his sights set on a career in basketball rather than baseball. He started playing baseball with a nearby youth league when his high school lost its athletics program due to a teacher salary dispute. He continued to play basketball while a student at the University of Cincinnati. In his junior year, he joined the baseball team and quickly established himself.

Is Sandy Koufax still alive? 

Sandy Koufax is healthy and still alive. There is no report of him being sick or hospitalized as of 2023.

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