Just In: Manchester Utd captain, Harry Maguire handed a suspended prison sentence of 21 months and 10 days after being found guilty on a three count charge! Details ๐Ÿ‘‡

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire have been handed 21 months and 10 days suspended prison sentence after he was found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated bribery attempts.

However, the sentence will be suspended because “it is a first offence and charges were misdemeanours.”

Harry Maguire, while on holiday in Mykonos Island, was arrested alongside his brother, Joe and friend Christopher Sharman after a fight broke out outside a bar over claims that his sister was allegedly injected with a rape drug.

The judgement was given in the absence of the three defendants despite appeals for it to be postponed.

Harry Maguire has however put out a statement instructing his counsel to appeal the decision as he claims he, his brother and friend are innocent.

He said;

Following the hearing today, I have instructed my legal team with immediate effect to inform the courts we will be appealing.

“I remain strong and confident regarding our innocence in this matter – if anything myself, family and friends are the victims.”

Manchester United said in a statement:

Manchester United notes the verdict of the Greek court today. Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty to all of the misdemeanour charges made against him and he continues to strongly assert his innocence.

“It should be noted that the prosecution confirmed the charges and provided their evidence late on the day before the trial, giving the defence team minimal time to digest them and prepare. A request for the case to be adjourned was subsequently denied.

“On this basis, along with the substantial body of evidence refuting the charges, Harry Maguire’s legal team will now appeal the verdict, to allow a full and fair hearing at a later date.”

Harry Maguire has been included in Gareth Southgate’s team for the Euro Nations League against Denmark and Iceland but the manager has said he will consult with the English FA and Maguire before taking action on the decision.

Source: Sky Sports News

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