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Kay Adams new Job: Popular host gets new role “Fan Duel” after leaving “GMFB”

Kay Adams new Job: Popular host gets new role "Fan Duel" after leaving "GMFB" 2

Kay Adams new job

Kay Adams, the TV host, has returned to our sports-filled mornings as abruptly as she left. Following months of speculation about where the popular talk show host would end up, FanDuel issued a press release on September 5, 2022, announcing Adams as the host of a new (late) morning talk show called Up and Adams, which would premiere the following day.

In the publication, FanDuel defines the new show:

“The hour-long show airs Monday through Friday live from Los Angeles at 11am ET. Expect guests from across the sports and entertainment universe, plus NFL game and fantasy breakdowns you won’t get anywhere else. The daily studio program will be available on YouTube and other social media platforms.”

Kay Adams also added an excerpt about her enthusiasm about the new program.

Kay Adams new job

“I love an adventure and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a team that’s leading the way into the future of sports,” Adams said. “Breaking news. Good vibes. You. Me. Guests! Let’s go already!”

“Go already,” she said. Adams and FanFuel wasted no time in launching the show the day after the announcement, with former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton as the first guest.

Adams hasn’t said much about what she’s been up to since leaving GMFB, or how she lost the Amazon hosting job to Charissa Thompson. She has also avoided discussing the origins and reasoning behind the new FanDuel gig. Fans can speculate on what drew her to the new show.

One difference between Kay Adams’ new job and her previous one is that this one is filmed in Los Angeles, whereas GMFB was filmed in New York City. Second, the new show begins at 11 a.m. ET, which, even at 8 a.m. PT, is a much more civilized call time than Adam’s previous job, which started at 6 a.m. ET.


Kay Adams new job: Summary

Kay Adams abruptly announced her departure from the NFL Network’s flagship morning show, Good Morning Football, nearly four months ago. Since then, speculation has swirled that the host would join Amazon’s new Thursday NFL broadcast or another major network.

However, none of that happened, and fans of the sports media personality were left wondering, “What’s next for Kay Adams?”

The solution is now available. Adams will return to our morning television screens, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Kay Adams net worth

To begin, the vibrant Fantasy Football Live hostess amassed a stunning net worth of $1 million in 10 years of journalism, as reported in 2022.


Furthermore, with such boundless energy, it’s only natural for a woman like her to earn $70,000 per year.

Furthermore, many websites claim that a sportscaster earns an average yearly salary of $60,000.

Kay Adams new job

Furthermore, depending on the nature of the work, the pay scale may trend upward, resulting in a whopping $208 k earnings on average.

Regardless, NFL Network is one of the most popular networks, with subsidiaries such as NFL.com, NFL Films, NFL Mobile, NFL Now, and NFL Redzone.


As a result, such a large group is almost certain to pay their employees well.

Similarly, NFL Network is available in 71.8 million households. Consider yourself to be one of the network’s faces. Kay’s popularity will undoubtedly place her among the highest earners among her colleagues.

Kay Adams new job is an indication that her net worth is likely to be on the rise in the next few months or years.


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