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Kelli Tennant: Who is the podcast host currently dating after her sexual assault incident with former L.A Lakere coach, Luke Walton? 

Kelli Tennant is a former sports writer, author, and podcaster who rose to prominence after accusing NBA coach Luke Theodore Walton of sexual assault.

Kelli Tennant

This Kelli Tennant bio covers everything you need to know about the former athlete, including her family background, height, and Luke Walton’s lawsuit. Kelli Tennant’s height is unknown. With a height of 6 feet 2 inches, the former broadcaster is fairly tall.

Background and Education

Tennant, a former athlete and broadcaster, was born on December 10, 1987, in California to Steve and Viviana Tennant. The young aspiring athlete had always been interested in sports as a kid.

She graduated from Chaparral High School in 2004. She was a volleyball player at the school and excelled at it. Kelli has won a number of honors, including

  • First-team All-America honors from Volleyball Magazine in 2004.
  • Volleyball Magazine named her one of the Fab 50 recruits.
  • The Player of the Year award was given out by the Riverside Press-Enterprise in 2004.
Kelli Tennant: Who is the podcast host currently dating after her sexual assault incident with former L.A Lakere coach, Luke Walton?  1
  • She was also named to the All-Star Girls Volleyball Team of the Los Angeles Times.
  • The Southwestern League’s Most Valuable Player Award is given to the most valuable player in the league.

Following high school, the great volleyball player enrolled in the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where she continued to play.

The young star was not able to play as much volleyball as she would have liked in high school. She was a co-captain for the team during her two seasons at USC in 2005 and 2006. Despite her outstanding performance, she was dropped from the team in 2007.

Due to fibromyalgia, the rising star was unable to play as often or as well as he had previously. Patients with fibromyalgia experience widespread musculoskeletal pain, as well as fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood problems. 

Kelli was forced to resign from collegiate volleyball at the end of 2007 as a result of this.


When TMZ discovered court records that the former athlete had filed against the head coach, the Kelli Tennant Luke Walton scandal erupted. Kelli filed charges against the instructor in Los Angeles Superior Court for assault, battery, sexual violence, and other claims.

Kelli Tennant and Luke Walton case 

The encounter occurred in 2014, according to the author, when she asked Luke to assist her with a book she was writing. They’d always had a good professional relationship, so she didn’t feel threatened when he asked her to his Santa Monica hotel room to catch up on business and work on her foreword. 

She said in the legal paperwork that when they arrived in the room, Luke forced her to the bed and held her down with his hips and legs. As she screamed for him to stop, he began to grope and violently kiss her face and other body areas.

Kelli Tennant: Who is the podcast host currently dating after her sexual assault incident with former L.A Lakere coach, Luke Walton?  2

Tennant said that she was afraid that she would be offended. Walton eventually gave up and allowed her to go away, but he grabbed her again as she approached the door. He then rubbed his body against her before releasing her.


She went on to say that following that first event, Luke would often make sexual comments and imply threats whenever they met.

When questioned why Kelli Tennant filed a complaint against him after the initial meeting, she stated she contacted her immediate family but was reluctant to go public with the charges because he was a well-known NBA player.

The Sacramento Kings launched a probe against their head coach after learning of the Luke Walton Kelli Tennant suit. They eventually ended the probe four months later, alleging that there wasn’t enough evidence to back up the former reporter’s claims.

Kelli Tennant dismissed her case on December 5th, 2019, after months of back-and-forth. It was not known whether Kelli Tennant received any monetary compensation from Luke Walton as part of the lawsuit settlement. Is Luke Walton still the head coach? Unfortunately, he is.


Despite being sacked by the Lakers, he is still the Sacramento Kings’ head coach.

Kelli Tennant Boyfriend

he author’s boyfriend is Conner Wander. On May 10th, 2019, she shared a photo with her partner on her Instagram profile for the first time.

The grainy photo shows the happy pair smiling in a hammock while cuddling together under a blanket. Conner is a podcaster who co-hosts the OK, Babe podcast with his girlfriend.

Kelli Tennant: Who is the podcast host currently dating after her sexual assault incident with former L.A Lakere coach, Luke Walton?  3

He also has a self-titled podcast in which he discusses politics, current events, book reviews, and other topics. While the two frequently write about each other on social media, it is unclear whether Conner is already Kelli Tennant’s spouse


Kelli Tennant Net Worth 

Tennant’s entire net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her journalism work is her primary source of income. Similarly, she may be found on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she goes by the username kellimtennant, and Twitter, where she goes by the handle kellitennant.


Kelli Tennant is a stunning woman with excellent physical attributes. She is 1.87 meters tall and weighs approximately 65 kilograms. Her physical measurements are 36-27-38 as well.

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