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kona alvarado Death: How Honolulu contract worker died near Sand Island Access Road

Kona Alvarado

Who is kona Alvarado?

Kona Alvarado was contract staff who worked at the construction site of the Sand Island Sewer Improvement Project. Unfortunately, the young man died after a trench collapsed on him. The tragic incident happened on a Saturday morning at about 10a.m at site behind a baseball field. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said it Kona Alvarado became trapped under the trench but was evacuated by the time first responders arrived at the scene of the incident.

How Kona Alvarado die?

The 23-year-old college student from California named passed away after getting stuck in a trench that apparently fell on Sand Island, near Honolulu on Jan 29, 2022. Authorities classified his death as a “tragic accident.” The Hawaii Fire Department prior to the tragic incident received numerous reports of people being trapped or injured while visiting this location, and it appears that these incidents may have occured more frequently than previously thought.

Kona Alvarado

Kona Alvarado Age and Family.

Kona was 23-years-old when he tragically passed away. Based on the pictures obtained online, it seems he lived with his family before the incident happened. There is no further information about him or his family online. His death drew attention to his family but it appears that his family have decided to remain mum about further details about their son.


Net Worth

It is difficult to ascertain the worth of Kona. He was a construction worker before he died, so he most likely earned daily wages.

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