Lewis Hamilton wins 7th Formula One title

Lewis Hamilton wins 7th Formula One title

On Sunday, November 15th British driver Lewis Hamilton claimed his 10th victory of the season in the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul.

In Turkey Hamilton who is on team Mercedes won ahead of Sergio Perez of Racing Point and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel

The win in Tukey meant Hamilton claimed the seventh Formula One drivers’ title of his career.

The victory was the seventh time Hamilton would be champion in Formula One which equaled the record held by the legendary  Michael Schumacher.

Speaking after the victory Hamilton said, “I’m definitely a bit lost for words. A huge thanks to the team. To Team LH for sticking with me for all these years. And to my family.

“This is way, way beyond our dreams. It’s so important for kids out there to see this.

“Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t achieve something. Dream the impossible. Speak it into existence. You’ve got to work for it, chase it, and never give up!”



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