Lori Harvey net worth, background, career, husband

Lori Harvey net worth, background, career, husband 2

Lori Harvey is an American model and social media personality. She was born on January 13, 1997. Lori Harvey is the stepdaughter of Steve & Marjorie Harvey, a comedian on television. Lori Harvey is 25 years old.

Lori Harvey mother is Marjorie Harvey, and her stepfather is legendary American comedian Steve Harvey. Marjorie works as a stylist, fashion designer, blogger, and internet personality.

Lori Harvey net worth, background, career, husband 3

Donnell Woods is the father she was born with. After the break, Marjorie ran into Steve. They got hitched in 2007. In addition, Lori is a citizen of the United States.

We shall tell you more about Lori Harvey in this article. You will get to know her net worth, background, career and whether she is married or not.

Lori Harvey Net Worth

American model Lori Harvey has a $1 million net worth. 1997 saw the birth of Lori Harvey in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the child of Marjorie Elaine Harvey and Steve Harvey. Following a single-vehicle collision in 2019, Lori Harvey was taken into custody and issued a misdemeanor hit-and-run ticket.

She has worked as a model for organizations like Select Model Management and LA Models. Before suffering a horse riding accident, Harvey was an enthusiastic equestrian who started modeling at the age of three.

Lori Harvey net worth, background, career, husband 4

She participated in Dolce & Gabbana’s runway shows in Milan and Paris. She made guest appearances in Hip Hop Squares episodes in 2019.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, the Miss Universe Pageant, and other shows have all been hosted by her father Steve Harvey, a comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author. Marjorie, his third wife, and him were wed in 2007.

Who is Lori Harvey’s father?

Donnell Woods, a drug lord, is purportedly Lori’s biological father. Lori has two half-siblings, Morgan and Jason, through her mother. She has a stepsister relationship with Brandi, Karli, and Wynton through Steve.

When she was younger, Lori dreamed of competing in horseback riding and going to the Olympics to represent the USA. She attended in a Florida college after graduating from high school and kept competing while there. She sustained a back injury, though, which quickly put an end to her riding career. After that, she quit college and began taking online courses.

As a model, Lori has gained recognition on a global scale. She has modeled primarily for Dolce & Gabbana while walking the runways during the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Lori Harvey family.

Prior to becoming married to Steve Harvey, her mother Marjorie Bridges, endured a difficult life. ‘Radar Online’ states that Marjorie was previously married to drug kingpin Jim L. Townsend, the father of her two elder children, Jason (born in 1991) and Morgan (born in 1987).

Townsend was imprisoned for 26 years before Barack Obama, a former US president, granted him a pardon in 2017. Marjorie’s connections to Townsend were also being looked into. Marjorie made the decision to end her relationship with him five years after his sentencing. She maintained a relationship with Donnell Woods, a drug kingpin and the father of Lori Woods, indicating that she did not completely abandon the criminal underworld.

Steve Harvey had been married twice before Marjorie. He was wed to Marcia from 1980 till 1994. Together, they are parents of 1982-born twin daughters Brandi and Karli as well as son Broderick Harvey Jr. (born 1991). Steve married Mary Shackelford as his second spouse in 1996. She gave birth to their son Wynton in 1997.

Lori Harvey net worth, background, career, husband 5
Lori Harvey and her mother Marjorie Bridges

Shackelford claimed that while Steve and Marjorie were still married, he had an illicit relationship with Marjorie. After their divorce in 2005, Steve and Marjorie were united in marriage on June 25, 2007. Despite the fact that they are not parents together, they have supported one another in raising their own children. Wynton and Lori are the same age and went to the same university.

The three children of Marjorie had Harvey as their father figure. They took on his last name in return. One of Lori’s interests has been riding horses ever since she was a young girl. She once competed in horseback riding and had Olympic dreams. She continued to compete after high school and even while attending a Florida college. She was ultimately forced to cease competing after suffering a major back injury. She stopped attending college as a result and started taking online courses.


Lori made the decision to pursue modelling after recognizing that she had little chance of making a living as a competitive horseback rider. She had a distinct advantage over other aspiring models because of her well-known stepfather, but she also faced challenges in the fashion industry.

Several times during the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, Lori has walked the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana as well as other companies. She appeared alongside Christian Combs, the brother of Justin Combs, on the ramp at one such occasion in September 2017. She utilizes her wildly popular Instagram account, which has more than a million followers, to advertise goods like Chanel and Hermès.

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Lori Harvey

Lori doesn’t have the normal model’s appearance. She is barely 5 feet 3 inches (161.5 cm) tall and curvy. She acknowledged that she is not a classic model in an interview with BET. In another speech, she discussed the lack of women of color in the fashion industry, saying, “I think I was one of five girls backstage at the (fashion) show that was African-American.”

Who is Lori Harvey dating now?

There have been rumors and rumors linking Lori to other celebrities in recent months. One of these rumors claimed that she was dating rapper Sean Combs, often known as Puff Daddy or P Diddy; however, TMZ claimed that this was inaccurate. After they were allegedly seen together at a club, she was also associated with British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton. Additionally, this was never verified.

From late 2018 to early 2019, she dated the rapper Trey Songz. They were frequently pictured together, and their relationship attracted a lot of media attention.

Lori and Dutch player Memphis Depay were engaged in June 2017 but eventually split up.

Social Media

Lori Harvey is on Instgram with over 4 million followers.

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