Lyna Perez

Lyna Perez: What we know about the famous model including her net worth! 


Lyna Perez is an Instagram influencer and lingerie and swimwear model from the United States. Lyna, who was born and raised in Miami, decided to be a model at the early age of 14 and began professional modeling at the age of 18. She mostly uses Instagram to show off her toned body, which she wears in lingerie, bikinis, and sheer apparel.

Lyna also promotes quite a few businesses, such as Bang Energy drinks, through her posts. To date, her Instagram account, lynaritaa, has over 5 million followers. Lyna has also been featured in the popular magazine Playboy.



Lyna Perez was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, on November 4, 1992.

Her family and educational background are both unknown.


She had a photographer buddy who encouraged her about her good looks and graceful form when she was 14 years old. She had a passing interest in modeling as a teenager, but she eventually joined the job at the age of 18.

Lyna began contacting major modeling agencies and a number of photographers in order to expand her portfolio. She has a great modeling career and has appeared in famous publications such as Playboy.

Lyna Perez Age

The model is 29 years old as of 2021. When is Lyna Perez birthday? She celebrates her birthday on the 4th of November every year. 

Lyna Perez Height 

Lyna Perez stands is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall. She is a woman of normal stature, but she appears to be a bit tall in stature of her photos. Lyna weighs a massive 110 lbs (48 kgs).



Lyna Perez rose to prominence after opening her Instagram account and posting eye-catching images of herself there. Her Instagram account, lynaritaa, currently has over 5 million followers.

The majority of her Instagram photos show her clothed in little more than a bra and a pair of shorts. In some photos, she is shown wearing bikinis, flimsy clothing, and lingerie, while in others, she appears topless, her palms covering her breasts. 

Her photos often include intriguing captions that urge her viewers to react or express their thoughts on them.

She also uses her Instagram account to promote a number of products. Bang Energy, an energy drink company, is one of the most prevalent brands in her posts. 


On June 4, 2020, one of Lyna Perez’s vides shows her strolling toward a pool while clothed in a ripped Bang Energy top and bikini bottoms. The video then cuts to her drinking from a can of Bang Energy. Jack Owok, the company’s CEO, has also been tagged in the post by Lyna Perez. “Pool days during the quarantine just hit different especially with @bangenergy…” reads the caption.

Meg Liz Swimwear and Bang Revolution Apparel are two additional notable products she promotes on her Instagram page. Her Instagram account reads, “I basically live in a bikini.” She is known for showing her muscular and toned figure on social media.

She was seen on Instagram playing her “Rate my bikini” game in February and May 2020. She began posting photographs with titillating captions in October 2019, such as “Bachelor’s Degree In Twerking.”

Lyna Perez

She also created a video series called “Hoechella.” She previously asked her fans if the photo was “distracting” by dressing up in revealing apparel. “All ready for church,” she captioned another photo of herself in a see-through garment.


Does Lyna Perez have a business? 

Yes, she does! Lyna Perez  sells her own stuff on her website,, including calendars, briefs, phone covers, and accessories. Her followers can subscribe to get access to her exclusive and X-rated photos and shows. Playboy magazine has also included Lyna’s naked pictures.

Lyna Perez Net Worth

She began her modeling career as a part-time model. Lyna Perez current net worth is estimated to be $400,000. Her earnings as an Instagram model are said to account for the majority of her fortune. With her career still on the rise, it’s safe to assume that her net worth will rise as well. Her success as a model is expected to lead to new contracts and an increase in her net worth.

Lya Perez Social Media

Lynaritaa is her Snapchat handle. Her Twitter account, which she started in August 2018, already has over 17 thousand followers. She is also on Instagram with over 7 million follwers. 

Lyna Perez Boyfriend

Lyna Perez is not known to be dating anyone. It’s also likely that she doesn’t want the media to know anything about her personal life


Other Facts 

Lyna Perez is a big fan of Biggie Smalls, and one of her favorite songs by him is Warning.

For the #BlackoutTuesday event, her social media profiles went dark in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign denouncing the murder of George Floyd.



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