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Brittany Venti biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 23-year-old live streamer

Brittany Venti biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 23-year-old live streamer 2

Brittany Venti is a gamer, live streamer, Internet star whose real name is Brittany Dier. She lives in New York City, the United States of America, and was born on the 21st of September, 1997 which makes her 25 years old. 

So many people want to know more about Brittany Venti, in this article, we would do a deep nose dive into who is Brittany Venti and the details people want to know about her which includes her age.

How old is Brittany Venti?

Brittany Venti was born in the United States in 1997 and celebrates her birthday on September 21. So, she’s 24 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and her nationality is American. She was born on September 21, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.


Her ethnicity is mixed, as her father was white and her mother was black, and she practices Christianity as her religion. Her parents died while she was a teenager, which was unfortunate. She is also thought to have grown up with a brother and sister who have yet to be introduced to the world.

Height: How tall is Brittany Venti

Brittany Venti’s height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), and her weight is around 50 kilograms (110 lbs). Her hair is curly and black, and her eyes are a light brown color.

How Brittany Venti became popular

Brittany Venti rose to fame playing computer games on popular internet platforms such as YouTube and Twitch a website for gamers that now earn her a living. Also, fans of her live streams can always see Brittany Venti’s hot curves, as she is a pretty young lady with beautiful shapes.


It all started when Brittany Venti went on live streams to show herself playing video games on Twitch. 4Chan trolls then began to regularly raid Her streams to post insulting comments of all sorts which made her very dramatic and annoyed.

Brittany Venti

She then gets involves in bad grammar exchanges with the trolls Before She regularly breaks down into fake tears. Let’s break down some of the terminologies used in the live stream by Brittany Venti.


Twitch is home to some of the world’s most popular gamers and also hosts gaming competitions. Twitch is a website where you can live stream yourself playing video games and was Introduced in 2011 broadcasting to 15 million people on a daily basis with over 2.2 members. She has over 60k followers on Twitter and over 25k followers on Instagram with the same username @Brittanyventi

4Chan is a stark contrast to most social media accounts. It is a collection of online forums where people can anonymously comment on various topics and post pictures.

4Chan is a notorious meeting point for internet trolls Due to the anonymity which means you do not need to have an account in order to comment or post topics and was created by American, Christopher Poole 2003.


When someone on 4chan or other similar sites posts a link to a person’s live stream on another website and Hundreds of people on that forum invade the streamer’s comment box to harass them is what can be described as a Twitch Raid a form of cyberbullying.

Brittany Venti biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 23-year-old live streamer 3

Brittany Venti shot to internet fame in May 2015 despite starting her gaming profile back in 2014. 4Chan trolls flooded her comment section with insulting and hurtful that were interpreted as misogynistic and racist. She became angry and returned insults back at them. All these were captured by someone who videoed her breakdown and outbursts before posting them on the internet.


Following the posting of the whole incident, Venti became an internet celeb overnight as the video went viral. Despite the whole scenario, this has not stopped 4chan trolls from interrupting her when she would be live-streaming herself playing video games.

4chan trolls once hacked into her stream while she was playing Grand Theft Auto V started chasing Venti around in an obvious attempt to rape the character. Sometimes the trolls accuse her of being a terrorist and causing 9/11 which caused her to burst into tears.

It is not known if the streamer intentionally makes spelling mistakes or she does not know how to spell as some people mock and scoff at her speech, her emotions, spelling, and comments.


What helps the streamer to earn decent money on her videos is that she is such a controversial figure who can even burst into tears live, very emotional, and attracts the attention of internet users. Brittany calls herself a satirical streamer which is one of the ways on how she captures the attention of the internet public.

Brittany Venti biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 23-year-old live streamer 4

Brittany Venti arrest

An unpleasant incident occurred with our internet star Brittany Venti on the 1st of May, 2017 which led to her arrest. Brittany Venti participated in an action directed against radical left-wing movement Antifa and filmed her next stream about that occasion.


Representatives of the radical left movement attacked their opponents and Police intervened in the incident. she was arrested at Union Square, New York, and taken to the police station. she was released after clarifying the circumstances.

Brittany met her future boyfriend Mason Saga around this time. under the nickname 4chad. He began to appear in her streams but without success, the ratings of her live streams began to fall. her fans did not want to see some guy in her live streams and revealed that her videos were no longer funny.

He ceased to appear in her videos and tried to shoot his videos, but they were not appreciated by the audience. She understood that she did not need a boyfriend to have success with internet viewers gradually removed the boyfriend from her streams and then broke up after living together for ten months.


Brittany Venti became very popular among gamers of various social networks and online communities and returned her hobby as a source of making money.

One of the most notable things about Britanny Venti is the fact that she intentionally mispronounces words in her streams and speaks bad grammar.

Brittany Venti biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 23-year-old live streamer 5


Brittany Venti ban

She is actually a very intelligent young lady and Some have argued that she does this just to gain attention. on three occasions Britanny Venti has been banned from Twitch for her controversial streams.

1st was for racist and pornographic content back in June 2015. She spent time gaming on YouTube relocated to Hitbox, an online platform similar to Twitch but returned after the ban was lifted.

Brittany Venti was given a 24 ban hour In January 2018, for a video deemed to contain racist and offensive stereotypes. Angry at the ban Brittany Venti revealed that she is is half black as her mother is black attaching her DNA results to prove her claim.


The third ban was for streaming content relating to a shooting that took place at YouTube headquarters in April 2018. The story of Brittany Venti is one that continues to fascinate people and shows that highly skilled gamers have become internet celebrities.

She has have become controversial and infamous based on her gaming skills and great commentary. These videos on live streaming have made her a viral sensation on the internet.

Where does Brittany Venti lives?

Brittany Venti used to reside in Connecticut with her family, but after her parents died unexpectedly, she had nothing left in Connecticut. As a result, she chose to relocate to New York in search of more substantial chances, and as her career progressed, she relocated to Texas in August 2021.


Brittany Venti net worth

Brittany Venti was a successful Twitch broadcaster, but her account was shortly deactivated, so she focused on becoming a Youtuber, which she did successfully.

As a result, Brittany Venti, one of the most well-known YouTubers, has a net worth of $300,000 to $500,000. However, she makes the most of her money as a gamer and YouTuber.

Social Media

Brittany Venti is a frequent user of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. He has two accounts on Instagram. Brittany Venti is her first Instagram account, where she shares stock images of herself and her pals. Brittany Venti’s Japanese dress line is documented on her second Instagram account.



In the realm of social media, it is usual for people to remain anonymous and make negative or positive comments without revealing their true identities. Despite this, commenting on different videos while giving your specifications has become a job known as “commentary youtube” in today’s globe. In the meanwhile, Brittany Venti is one of several other commentators.

Brittany Venti, as her name suggests, is a big fan of Starbucks, a coffee-serving establishment where the venti is one of the serving sizes. Brittany Venti, a gamer who used to be a Twitch Streamer, is an American Commentary Youtuber.


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