Meet Carol Held Knight wife of legendary Neil Armstrong

Meet Carol Held Knight wife of legendary Neil Armstrong 2

Meet Carol Held Knight wife of legendary Neil Armstrong

Carol Held Knight is another name that people want to know about.  Carol Held Knight Armstrong is the widow of the late Neil Armstrong. She is also a mother and businesswoman.
Carol Held Knight married the first American astronaut to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong was not the first man to marry Carol Knight. In 1989, She initially married Ralph Knight a Cincinnati construction company owner.

Carol lost her first husband Ralph Knight with whom she had two children to a plane crash in Florida. Ralph died in 1989 from complications caused by an undiscovered blood clot after he was involved in a plane crash. he miraculously survived the accident with a high chance of making it a massive stroke that arose and he later died. She became the second wife of Neil Armstrong.

Meet Carol Held Knight wife of legendary Neil Armstrong 3

In 1992 Carol Held Knight met Neil for the first time and got married two years later. their mutual friends Paul and Sally Christiansen pre-planned the meeting between Neil Armstrong and Carol Held Knight. Carol was nervous and overwhelmed to have such a great astronaut seated next to her. Neil Armstrong met Carol Held Knight for the first time at a golf tournament in 1992 which was a blind date. Neil was still married to his first wife, Janet Elizabeth Shearon, but at the time he met Carol Held Knight their relationship was going through a difficult time.

She spoke a little to Neil at their meeting and left soon to be with her ill mother. Neil, escorted her to the car being a true gentleman. A few weeks after the tournament Neil called Carol He even helped Carol to chop a cherry tree down. When Neil Armstrong finalized His divorce from Janet they became a couple. Carol and Neil had two wedding ceremonies Neil Armstrong and Carol Held Knight got married on June 12, 1994, in Ohio.

Their first wedding was a place Carol is originally from it was an intimate one at a small venue in Ohio their second wedding event was held at the ‘San Ysidro Ranch’ in California A few days later which was a grand affair. Over time, the two became friends. The wide age difference, however, never stopped them from getting on well. Carol was 15 years younger than Neil Carol was 49 while Neil was 64. Their courtship continued for around 2 years before they tied the knot. . Although they had an age difference of around 15 years, Carol and Neil eventually developed a relationship.

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Carol and Neil built their first home in California and lived there for several years following their marriage.
Neil Armstrong and Carol Held Knight struck a conversation after they were seated together for the pre-tournament breakfast at a club in Cincinnati. After their first meeting, Neil and Carol got married two years later.

She was earlier married to, namely, Molly and Andrew.. until she got married to Neil, she raised her two children single-handedly. The couple did not have any children. Carol and Neil lived together in Ohio until he died in 2012.  Carol Held Knight was born to Victor Held and Rosario Cota in 1945,. Her children were both teenagers when their father Ralph died. Carol raised both of them simultaneously and single-handedly. Carol Held Knightalso owned and managed her small family business, a construction company that is based in Cincinnati.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was married to Janet Elizabeth Shearon previously before he met Carol Held Knight. The couple had three children. Their second child, Karen Anne, was born in 1959 but unfortunately died of a brain tumor in 1962. Their first child, Alan, was born on June 30, 1957. A year after Karen’s tragic death, Mark Stephen Neil and Janet’s third and last child was born. in 1994, They ended their 38-year-long marriage.

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Neil Armstrong developed a love for flying brought about by the constant traveling, and his father taking him to watch the Cleveland Air Races. His father worked with the state government. His father was also a pilot, and he experienced his first flight with his father, getting hooked. He was also very active with the Boy Scouts of America. He attended Blume High School, and while a student began taking flying lessons, and at 16 years old he flew solo

He enrolled at Purdue University after matriculating from high school, where he took up a degree in aeronautical engineering. before serving in the US Navy for a year he went on another two years of flight training returning to school and completing his bachelor’s degree. Armstrong joined the US Navy as a midshipman In 1949. He served during the Korean War as a reconnaissance plane escort, and then served in bombers where he battled against anti-aircraft fire. He became a naval aviator and was assigned to an all-jet squadron, making him the youngest officer to join the VF-51.

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Neil died on August 25, 2012, he had undergone a few days before but after he succumbed to complications from heart surgery. Neil Armstrong became famous when he led a crew of U.S astronauts to the moon as well as became the first human to step his feet on the lunar surface successfully. This achievement by Neil Armstrong broke world records on July 20, 1969. After the death of Neil Armstrong, a complication of his heart surgery his family were not happy. They sued the ‘Mercy Health–Fairfield Hospital, for medical malpractice eventually led to his death for heart surgery.

His wife Carol, felt that if her husband had been alive, he would not have agreed to the legal action. , Carol refused to be involved in the suit. Following the astronaut’s death, in November 2014, The family settled the lawsuit for $6 million in 2014. $3.4 million of the late astronaut’s papers were gifted to Purdue Libraries at his alma mater.

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Carol Held Knight

Carol Held Knight became a popular figure following her marriage to the famous astronaut. Many still mistake Carol Held Knight for Neil’s first wife, Janet. There is not much information in the public space about her educational background and her family.  Her husband went on many space missions, also leading him to gain considerable wealth through the job. Carol Held Knight’s net worth is estimated to be over $8 million. This was through an inheritance she gained after the passing of her husband.

Few months after Neil’s death, Carol got rid of all the astronautical crap around the house because she does not relate to them at all. She never developed a likeness for her husbands’ hobby which included space exploration and things associated with it despite the love and close bond that existed between Knight and Armstrong.
Carol continues to live in the Indian Hill home she once shared with her late husband.

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