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Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist

Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist 2

Fernanda Colombo Uliana (born April 24, 1991) is a Brasilia-based former model, sports journalist, referee, presenter, commentator, and Instagram sensation. She is well-known in Brazil as one of the best female referees.

Even though the public is accustomed to seeing men in the role of a football referee, this is not always the case. Fernanda Colombo has achieved international acclaim as a brilliant and attractive female referee. 

Not only does Fernanda Colombo exemplify beauty and brain, but she is also a perfect example of the popular saying; “What a man can do, a woman can do as well, even better” 

Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist 3

It is not every day that a woman serves as a referee, but that is slowly changing. Fernanda Colombo’s career as a referee has been highly successful, and she is now well-known around the world.


Fernanda Colombo Biography 

She was born in Brazil on April 24, 1991. As of 2021, she’s 30 years old. Fernando Colombo is a Brazilian model, sports journalist, referee, presenter, commentator, and Instagram star. She is well-known in Brazil as one of the best female referees.

Fernanda Colombo Early Life 

Fernanda Colombo Uliana is a 31-year-old actress who was born on April 24, 1991. Fernanda is a Brazilian national who was born in Brasilia. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she is a Christian.

Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist 4

Vera Colombo is Fernanda’s mother, but her father’s identity remains unknown. There isn’t a lot of information on her parents and siblings. She prefers to keep her personal life secret.

Fernanda Colombo Height 

Her height is 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is 67 kg. Her eye color is blue and her color is blonde. 


Fernanda Colombo Age

She is 30 years old. 

Fernanda Colombo Education 

Fernanda finished her education at a Brasilia high school. Academic information, such as her school’s name and degree, is not available. According to certain websites, she has completed her Bachelor’s degree.

Fernanda Colombo Modelling Career 

The celebrity began her career as a model before moving into the sports world. She was a part of several photoshoots and advertisements during her modeling career. She is 5 feet 8 inches (1 m 72 cm) tall, weighs roughly 67 kg, and has body measurements of 36-25-36 inches, making her physical look excellent for this position. 

Fernando Colombo Refereeing Career 

She worked as a sports journalist and has written several books. Fernanda was a flagship for a short time in football. She began playing in 2014 and retired from the sport in 2017.


Fernanda Colombo worked as a referee for the Copa do Brasil in 2014. This league was a major success for her, and it gained her a lot of respect and admiration.

She went on to work as a groundskeeping female official after that. Fernanda also worked as a FIFA official judge during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. She also worked on the “Show do Esporte” on TV Bandeirante.

Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist 5
Fernanda Colombo

Fernanda Colombo speaks about the challenges and concerns she faces as one of the few well-known women in her sport. Fernanda also enjoys writing and has her own sports section on the website, Metropoles.

Fernanda has faced a lot of criticism as a female referee in a male-dominated field. For example, in 2014, Cruzeiro director Alexandre Mattos chastised her for making a mistake in his team’s game against Atletico Mineiro.


During the Copa do Brasil, she had her first refereeing success. With time, she began to serve at a variety of major events, the most notable of which was the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Colombo also became famous after pranking Barcelona Sporting Club midfielder Damian Diaz by pretending to extract a card from her pocket.

She did, however, wipe her face with a handkerchief after reaching inside her pocket. This pleased both the players and the crowd, and the video went popular on social media as a result of the numerous people who shared it. Many individuals have fallen in love with Fernanda Colombo because of her attractive appearance and charming personality.

She’s also amassed a sizable following on Instagram, where she shares about her personal life as well as her profession.

Fernanda Colombo Sex Proposal 

An unethical sexual proposal was sent to her, in which the anonymous sender suggested she meet with “clients” for money. For each meeting, he would offer her “seven thousand” dollars in undetermined currency.


She merely wants to pursue what she enjoys, which is football and journalism, Fernanda indicated. Finally, she requested that people recognize the fact that she is more than a hot referee.

However, after being targeted by a male player, Fernanda’s fame as a football referee rose. Fernanda has declared that she simply wants to do what she enjoys in response to the issue.

She went on to say that she isn’t only a hot referee. “I’m no angel,” Fernanda remarked, “but I’ll never do something like this.”

Fernanda Colombo Husband. 

The stunning football referee is happily married. Fernanda Colombo is married to Sandro Meira Ricci in 2018. The two met for the first time at a hotel and struck it off right away.


Their communication eventually led to marriage. Sandro, like his wife, used to be a football referee, but he has since retired.

Fernanda remarked in an interview with “Caras” magazine that she didn’t have any specific plans for marriage but chose to go forward with it once she felt ready.

The couple is happily together, and their daughter, Tiago Socorro, was born recently.

Meet Fernanda Colombo, the gorgeous female referee and journalist 6

He now works on the Globo Network as a TV Refereeing analyst.


Fernanda Colombo’s inspiring narrative demonstrates that women can excel in any field, even if it was previously considered a male-dominated one. She is a wonderful role model for young girls and an amazing woman.

Fernanda Colombo Net Worth 

According to sources, Fernanda Colombo’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. This sum is enormous at such a young age. 

Her refereeing career accounts for the majority of her earnings. It’s fantastic since she began her career as a model and then moved on to a subject that she genuinely enjoyed.

She is a woman who enjoys playing soccer, which is why she has participated in games such as FIFA. She has exceptional abilities because she was allowed to be a referee for world-famous games at such a young age.


This is a field reserved for seasoned athletes and sports gurus. We can look forward to big things from her in the future

Fernanda Colombo Social Media 

She is active on Instagram with 919,000 followers. She’s also on Twitter with over 3,000 followers.


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