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Meet Kate Norley, the veteran US combat medic and wife of famous comedian, John Oliver!

Kate Norley

The late-night show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has won an Emmy every year since 2015, and most comedy fans know John Oliver as the very British writer, producer, television host, and political pundit. 

Meet Kate Norley, the veteran US combat medic and wife of famous comedian, John Oliver! 1

But there is, of course, an equally clever and talented partner behind every intelligent and talented comedian with an eight-year Emmy-winning run. That’s his wife, American and U.S. Armed Forces veteran Kate Norley, for 44-year-old Oliver.

Who is John Oliver’s Wife? 

Kate Norley, 41, is John Oliver’s wife. While Norley can be found on IMDb—or at least, someone with her name featured as an unknown subway passenger in a short film called Tran.si.tions in 2009—she’s more renowned for her honorable service in the ranks. Norley joined the Army after 9/11 and served in Iraq as a combat medic, mental health specialist, and counselor to soldiers. 

(Oliver is occasionally seen wearing a 1st Cavalry Division lapel button to honor his wife’s unit in Iraq much than a decade into their love affair)

Kate Norley

Norley began actively advocating for additional support for veterans after returning to the United States, which led to appearances on FOX News and other news channels.

Kate Norley Early Life 

Kate Norley was born on May 25,1978, in Arlington, Virginia, to Pam Mannion and Walt Norley, who divorced when she was four years old. Norley was 16 years old when she was involved in a car accident on her way to a soccer game and sustained a severe head injury. 

How old John Oliver’s wife? 

John Oliver’s wife, Kate Norley is 41 years old in 2021. 

Is John Oliver’s wife American? She is an American national and has white ethnicity. 



Kate Norley attended the Episcopal High School boarding school in Arlington, Virginia.

Norley’s mother nursed her back to health, a difficult effort given that she had to relearn several fundamental abilities such as reading and writing. 

How did Kate and Oliver meet? 

Oliver and Kate Norley met in a pretty unusual way: she protected him from getting deported!

Norley was working with the political advocacy group Vets for Freedom during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, while Oliver was there as The Daily Show’s tongue-in-cheek “Senior British Correspondent.”

Meet Kate Norley, the veteran US combat medic and wife of famous comedian, John Oliver! 2

Security boxed Oliver into a restricted area, according to The Daily Beast, due to a misconception concerning his temporary work visa. There, Oliver took refuge with a group of veterans, one of them was Norley, who shielded him from security, allowing him to avoid deportation.

It’s not your typical rom-com, but it’s still worth sharing!

Kate Norley and John Oliver Marriage 

After meeting at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Oliver and Norley reportedly exchanged a few emails and began dating soon after. While on vacation in St. Thomas in 2010, Oliver proposed to his future bride.

Oliver and Norley married in a very private wedding in October 2011 after three years together. (Seriously, it’s very impossible to locate any evidence of the wedding taking place online!)


Kate and John Oliver Children 

Oliver and Norley have two sons together, born in 2015 and 2018, but they are notoriously secretive about them. Oliver, who isn’t known for divulging any information, only announced the birth of his second son in 2018 after winning an Emmy Award and then telling PEOPLE, “We have a three-month-old.”

After announcing that baby bombshell, Oliver then responded to others’ reactions—hilariously, of course. 

“The next day [after the Emmys], there was like a bunch of stories about, ‘John Oliver has Secret Baby,’” he said. “Whoa, whoa, I had a baby with my wife! She knew about it the whole time. We had another. No one’s pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here. It was very strange.”

Kate and Oliver’s first son, Hudson, arrived prematurely but survived.


“Kate was in the hospital, it was very difficult for months beforehand,” Oliver shared of his wife’s pregnancy. “And doing the show at the same time, it was the absolute worst… It was a surreal experience” 

John Oliver states why he and his wife preferred not to disclose either child’s birth. 

“Yeah, well, we didn’t really announce it because it doesn’t matter,” he explained. “To me, it matters a great deal, let me just make that clear. But just like, publicly, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth making—this is not a royal baby, in terms of how far in line he is to the throne.”

He added, “It’s a peasant, I have a peasant child. So it didn’t even cross my mind that we should make a public thing about it, ’cause that seemed weird.”


What does Kate Norley do? 

After the 9/11 events in New York City in 2001, Kate Norley enlisted in the Army. She worked as a combat medic in Fallujah, Iraq, and provided mental health therapy to soldiers on the ground.

“If they told me tomorrow I could go home…,” she reportedly said in 2004. I wouldn’t be satisfied if I’d completed everything I set out to do.”

Norley returned to the United States and began working as a veteran rights activist, frequently appearing on television to advocate for increased funding for veterans. 

KateNorley is still employed with Vets for Freedom, an American political advocacy group created in 2006 by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who had deep contacts to Republican Party leaders at the time.” 


“It’s the most emasculating thing I could possibly do to go out with someone who has actually done something valuable with their life,” Oliver once said of his wife’s respected career. “I can’t come home and say I had a really tough day at work today and see her roll her eyes and go, ‘Really?’ And she would be like, ‘I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you. You clown!’ Rightly, I have no place to whine about anything. That’s the problem with living with someone who has fought a war. You lose the moral high ground.” 

Net Worth 

Kate Norley’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $3m while that of her husband is said to be $30m. 

10 Facts about Kate Norley 

  • She was born on May 25, 1978, in Virginia, USA, and will be 41 years old in 2021. Walt Norley and Pam Mannion are her parents’ names. She came from a well-to-do household. When she was a child, her parents divorced.
  • Is John Oliver’s wife a native of the United States? She is of Caucasian origin and is an American citizen. She went to Arlington, Virginia’s Episcopal High School boarding school.
  • Kate was hit by a car while on her way to a soccer game when she was 16 years old. Kate’s cognitive abilities were harmed as a result of her serious head injuries. Norley had to relearn the fundamentals of reading and writing. Thankfully, her mother was always by her side to assist her in regaining her footing.
  • After witnessing the atrocities of the 9/11 events in America, Kate decided to serve in the military after graduating from high school. In Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, she began and completed her basic training. She then enrolled in medical school in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.

She later joined the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, before being sent to Iraq to work as a mental health expert. She was assigned to the Walter Reed Army Medical Facility in Washington, D.C. when she returned from Iraq. She then enrolled at George Washington University to pursue a medical degree.

  • John Oliver and Kate Norley began dating after meeting during the 2008 Republican National Convention. They got engaged in 2010 and married in October of that year. They’ve been living together for nearly ten years and appear to be content. Their marriage hasn’t exhibited any symptoms of dissolution.
  •  The couple have two boys together. In November 2015, their first child, Oliver, was born prematurely. He revealed in June 2018 that he and his wife have welcomed their second boy into the world. He shared the good news during the Governors Ball for the 2018 Emmy Awards.
  • Is it possible to marry and live peacefully with someone who holds conflicting political views? This is the best way to characterize John and Kate’s circumstance. John is a Democrat, but Kate Norley is a firm Republican.

Of course, the fact that John Oliver is married to a republican will come as a shock to many, but the couple appears to be happy together. They’ve managed to put their political differences aside and appreciate each other’s viewpoints.

  • Was Kate Norley a member of the armed forces? Kate has previous military experience. She joined the army and served as a medic after the 9/11 attacks. This, she believed, was the most effective method for her to serve her country. Kate worked as a mental health specialist in Ramadi and Fallujah, where she provided counseling to soldiers returning from combat.
  • She was the only female combat stress specialist in the army, and for her bravery, she received the Combat Medic Badge. She had incredible endurance while in the service, learning how to deal with the most difficult situations. She is content with the unique decisions she took in becoming an army doctor to serve her country
  • What does Kate Norley do for a living? Kate has a natural affinity towards veterans, having served in the military during the Iraq war. She is aware of the enormous challenges and sacrifices that soldiers face on a daily basis. She has appeared in a variety of media outlets as a supporter of veterans’ rights.
  • She went on Fox News to advocate for increased money for American troops. Kate is currently employed with Vets for Freedom, a nonpartisan group founded by combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Vets for Freedom is the leading organization representing Iraq and Afghanistan military and veterans.
  • Kate is passionate about women’s empowerment. Her objective is to start a women-led nonprofit organization that is not related to politics or religion that empowers women in the future. Her life aim is to empower other women and make a difference.
  • She dreams about sending American women to the developing countries to demonstrate what it’s like to have rights and authority. Kate wants to encourage women to fight for their rights and to speak up for themselves.

If you’ve ever wondered who Kate Norley is, you finally have all the answers. John Oliver’s wife has a unique way of life. During the Iraq war, she served her country. She is still dedicated to serving her country, pushing for veterans’ rights, and empowering women after returning from the war

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