Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles 2

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles

There is much inquiry about NFL quarterback Nick Foles and his wife. In this article, we would dissect Tori Moore and her relationship with her husband.

There is information readily available about the Philadelphia Eagles’ hero Nick Foles his wife was flung to the limelight following her marriage to NFL quarterback.

Tori Moore was born Victoria Danielle Moore on the 6th of June, 1990. She is the youngest of three children born to parents Rosina (nee. Cota) and Daniel Moore. not much is known about the California native However the former athlete and celebrity spouse who values family above all else as it is uncommon knowledge that Tori and Nick share a lot in common.

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles 3

Tori attended Brea Olinda High School where she played volleyball and was raised in her hometown. in her sophomore year, she became team captain and was named MVP. Just like her husband, Tori always had athletic inclinations from an early age.

Tori took volleyball very seriously and while she never played on the National team that doesn’t mean her accomplishments were minor. Tori also has a sense of what life as a professional athlete is like herself since she was one back in the day.

She also joined the school’s volleyball team at the University of Arizona where she continued her stellar performance on the court. Tori worked as a digital marketer for popular sports brand Nike in Beaverton, Oregon After college.

She was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which resulted in Lyme Disease and eventually left.

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles 4

Tori Moore and Nick Foles

Moore and Foles first crossed paths on the footballer’s first day at Arizona. The couple who met in college has an interesting love story. Nick believed she was the most gorgeous person he had ever seen at the time when he spotted his future wife on his way to football practice as he was Astonished by Tori’s look.

The pair later took their relationship to the next level Having shared so much in common especially their love for sports. they first became friends and remained so until after college the couple’s journey to forever together was a gradual process. Nick met his wife, Tori when they were both undergraduates just starting up their studies at the University of Arizona.

He said, “She was the first person I actually ever saw at the University of Arizona.”

“I was going to my physical. I remember walking down the stairs and thinking Wow, this might be the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen.”

Nick Foles popped the big question in February 2014 Moore said YES Convinced that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. in April that same year they walked down the aisle in a low-key ceremony.

According to the NFL star, their daughter’s birth was the most amazing moment of his life adding that fatherhood is the coolest feeling in the world. The couple welcomed their first child on June 16, 2017, a daughter named Lily James Foles. revealed by Foles after Lily was born they love being parents.

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles 5


Foles who adores his wife hailed Tori for her bravery with Lyme disease and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). The couple’s relationship hasn’t been without its own challenges He disclosed that it was a tough period for their family but an experience that brought them closer.

Tori Moore has two older brothers. her brother Evan is Tori’s other connection to football. Evans started at Stanford, joined the Green Bay Packers, moved to the Browns, Seahawks, and the Philadelphia Eagles over the course of his career. The other brother had a prolific college career at UC Davis as a basketballer.
Health Challenge.

Many were not aware of Tori’s health issues until after the Eagles’ unexpected 2018 Super Bowl run where her quarterback husband won the Super Bowl MVP. Tori Moore suffered a long battle with Lyme disease and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, (POTS), right after college. Tori and Nick have since used various platforms to raise awareness for those battling with POTS disease.

In a book Tori wrote about her struggles with the condition, she said, “My life was altered in 2013 when I was diagnosed with an unexpected illness. A year after working at Nike Inc. and living an active lifestyle in Portland, Oregon, everything changed. I suddenly became ill and had no idea why. I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

“Eventually, this would lead to an underlying diagnosis of Lyme Disease.”

Meet Tori Moore wife of NFL quarterback Nick Foles 6

Tori has an active Twitter and Instagram account Nick is absent on popular social media sites as the Foles prefer to live a low-key lifestyle.  On social media, Tori encourages people of similar health status. She also shares healthy recipes for those struggling with POTS raising awareness about her health challenges and also share some precious family photos with fans.

Tori Moore enjoys spending time with her family, reading, shopping watching TV, eating, and other leisure activities but values family above all else.

Nick Foles is a sensational athlete and generally considered to be one of the nicest men in the NFL. In May of 2019, Nick was announced to be taking a leave “indefinitely” from the Jaguars to deal with a personal family matter.

Nick, Tori, and their entire family as a unit came into the spotlight Tori contracted what she described as a “virus.” After being pregnant for a total of 15 weeks with their second child, it led her to miscarry, even Though she shook the illness she delivered their second child without ever getting to see him open his eyes. It was heartbreaking but was an inspiration, plain and simple due to her openness throughout this struggle.

She’s written about it often, discussing how it actually strengthened her marriage and her faith. And while nick wants to spend more time with his family, including his daughter Lily he has also as previously stated that as a man of very strong Christian beliefs that he might like to become a pastor once his time in the NFL is over.

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