Meet Walter Mckenzie Wilson, the son of renowned multi-talented American couple, Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson

Meet Walter Mckenzie Wilson, the son of renowned multi-talented American couple, Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn.

Just like a handful of kids born to famous personalities in the American entertainment industry, Walter Mckenzie Wilson was brought into limelight courtesy of his parents, Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson‘s father, Rainn Wilson is a famous American Actor and Writer. He has featured in Tv shows and movies like Juno, America’s Sweethearts, The Expendables, Galaxy Quest, Super, Charmed, among others. He became quite famous for playing the character of Dwight Schrute in the American version of The Office.

He is regarded as one of the best of his generation because of exceptional acting skills. The way he interprets the roles he acts and how he gets fans fixated on him makes him stand out among his contemporaries.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson

He’s also a writer just like his wife. Rainn Wilson has written several books including an autobiography entitled The Bassoon King that he published in November 2015.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson’s father was born on the 20th of January 1966 in Seatle, Washington. He holds a first degree in Acting from the University of Washington and a Masters degree in Fine Arts from New York University’s Graduate Acting Program at Tisch School of the Arts.

One thing Walter Mckenzie would be proud of is how well-educated and successful is parents are especially as regards their similar career paths.

His mother, Holiday Reinhorn didn’t allow her name to get the better of her while neglecting her dreams by the side. She is a renowned writer and playwright whose works remain a point of reference to date.

Holiday Reinhorn was born the 12th of March 1964 in Portland, Oregon. Her educational journey is quite an interesting one, she attended a College in Seatle but left after a year for the University of Wahington where she studied acting. Walter Mckenzie Wildon’s mother’s drive for writing fueled her desire to enrol for a creative writing degree.

Reinhorn took part in a workshop for writers organised held at the University of Iowa. The Iowa Writers Workshop nurtures outstanding creative writing skills in its participants and has produced many best authors in America. Holiday Reinhorn further graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa.

Rainn Wilson’s wife kick-started her career as a stage actress and performed in theatre productions and along the line, realised that her calling is to write fiction. So, she proceeded to get a Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellowship from the University of Wisconsin which enabled her to expand her acumen as a fictional writer.

In 2005, Walter Mckenzie Wilson’s mum launched her bookBig Cats under the publication house, Free Press Publishers. Besides that, she has contributed many stories to the magazine like Tin House, Ploughshares, Gulf Coast, and many more.

Walter McKenzie Wilson


Walter Mckenzie Wilsons’ parents met during their University days at Washington. They met during one of the acting classes which set the tone for their enviable live affair. After dating for a while, they exchanged marital vows at the shores of Kalama River in Wahington in 1995.

Nine years later, after converting to Bahai faith, Walter Mckenzie Wildon in 2004.

Net Worth

Walter Mckenzie Wilson isn’t working yet not to talk of making a fortune. His father, aside from acting where he gets his primary income, he also runs a Youtube page and a website known as SoulPancake. His net worth approximately $16m. As of 2020, his mother’s net worth is in the region of $200,000.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson and his parents live in a 1974 Spanish-style hacienda in Southern California.

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