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Michael Mendieta (TikTok star) Wiki, biography, age, net worth

Michael Mendieta (TikTok star) Wiki, biography, age, net worth 2
Michael Mendieta (TikTok star) Wiki, biography, age, net worth 3
Michael Mendieta

A lot of people have become widely known for good reasons but that is not the case with Michael Mendieta who has become renowned for the wrong reasons.

What did Michael Mendieta do?

Michael Mendieta assaulting a young girl in a video has gone viral on the internet. It has earned him so much hate from people globally.

On Twitter, a video of Michael Mendieta has spread like wildfire where an arrogant TikTok star viciously beat up a young girl. 


Michael Mendieta was seen pinning the woman to the ground and then ferociously attacking her from all sides as her face became bloodied.

People wonder why people in general didn’t go to the police when the incident happened. Michael Mendieta’s friends have also been blamed for being passive while the evil incident occurred before their eyes and never really stopping it from the start.

According to accounts and Twitter videos, his friends surrounded him, but no one intervened to stop him. Through the internet, the viral video is creating a serious buzz. 


The recording was initially shared on Twitter by a customer with the username 520miguel. So far, there are no good reasons or justification for Michael Mendieta’s offensive offense. 

Be that as it may, the young woman has been treated for significant injuries to her face.

Exploring Michael Mendieta Wikipedia at the time, there is not much known about him in the public space. 


Due to the absence of solid hints, the information on his age, vocation and Wikipedia are a bit obscure. According to some sources, Michael Mendieta is a 19-year-old TikToker. Through online entertainment, he has a sizeable fan base.

Michael Mendieta is a social media personality known mainly for posting POV videos on his michaelmendieta TikTok account. 

Michael Mendieta has accumulated over 360,000 followers and 22 million likes on his profile. 


Born on September 13, 2002, Michael Mendieta hails from California, United States. That means, as of 26 August 2022, Michael Mendieta’s age is 19 years. 

Michael Mendieta recently gained an unpopular reputation when a video of him physically abusing a woman was taken and spread widely on the internet. 

People started questioning him around the time the recording was posted on Twitter. That unfortunate incident attracted a lot of analysis from everyone.


Who is Michael Mendieta’s girlfriend?

Michael Mendieta appears to be in love, as evidenced by specific TikTok recordings in which he is seen with an unidentified young girl. 

Obviously, no details about his love life or relationship have been clearly revealed. The personal information about the person behind the Twitter handle 520miguel is basically obscure at this point. He isn’t noticeable on Twitter and doesn’t have a huge fan base.

We don’t have any data concerning his family yet and also any relationship he has been in. 


Michael Mendieta has gathered an amazing number of followers in such a brief time period. He’s well-known for posting lip-syncing movies and he’s of Mexican descent. 

Michael Mendieta was also featured in a Tik Tok tune launched in October 2021. He’s presently 19 years old and he was born on September 13, 2002.

Michael Mendieta net worth

The Estimated Net worth is $80K – USD $85k.


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