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I had gone to my parents house while we were living in New Wuse, Tafa local government area of Niger State, at about past midnight, to watch one of the football games involving the Nigeria DREAM TEAM 1 and the Brazilian team.

Because I had no TV set in my one-room rented apartment, I had to trek about 2 kilometers from my place to my father’s house. While the match going on, time was also ticking away. By the time the Nigerian team was trailing by 3 – 1 goals, I thought to myself that no more hope for our boys, but before I would say Jack Robinson, our boys had equalised the 3 goals through Celestine Babayaro and Nwankwo Kanu, and eventually they won the match via the Golden Goal rule when Kanu scored our 4th goal in the extra time.

My happiness was immediately interrupted as soon as I came out of my father’s compound through the exit backyard door. Going back to my house to sleep, I met some police men who were on night foot patrol within the area. They stopped me and demanded to know where I was coming from at that odd hour. I told them I went to watch match at my father’s house which was just a stone-throw from where they intercepted me. They didn’t believe my explanation to them. They said I was lying, that because I was hanging a bathroom towel round my neck, they alleged me that I want to commit felony at time. I even begged them to follow me and confirm from my father if what I told them was a lie. They bluntly refused and instead arrested me, and took me to their station where I was detained in their cell until the next morning when I was allowed to send for my father to come.

When he eventually came, he confirmed the story I told the policeman the previous night. I was subsequently released on bail to my father and was asked to go home with him and was seriously warned never to move about at night, especially during odd hours. This is my ATLANTA ’96 personal experience.

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