Nancy Travis bio: Interesting facts about the 58 years old last man standing actress

Nancy Travis bio: Interesting facts about the 58 years old last man standing actress 2

Nancy Travis (born September 21, 1961) is an actress from the United States. She began her career in Off-Broadway theater before landing her first major cinematic role opposite Omar Sharif in the ABC television miniseries Harem. In 1987, she had her breakthrough as Sylvia Bennington in the comedy picture Three Men and a Baby, and she went on to act in the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady (1990).

Consistency and dedication are two of the most germane elements that determine one’s longevity in a particular field or career. 

Surviving in a highly competitive industry like Nollywood requires not only talent but also a lot of consistency, dedication, and other vital elements that equal longevity. 

Nancy Travis, over the years, has imbibed these components which is why she is one of the most celebrated actresses in the Nollywood movie industry. 

Nancy Travis

Aside from being an actress, Nancy Travis also knows how to make people laugh. She is a producer, a mother of two children, and wife of a Nollywood veteran, Robert N. Fried, a talented screenwriter, film producer, and media entrepreneur. 

This piece digs deep into the life of Nancy Travis in an attempt to bring forth details as regards her background, education, career, net worth, personal relationships among other details that will be of interest to you without a doubt. 

Nancy Travis background and education 

Nancy Travis was born to Theresa, a social worker, and Gordon Travis, a sales executive on the 21st of September, 1961 in New York City, United States of America. Further details as regards whether she had siblings or not are currently not available. She lived in Massachusetts, Baltimore, Maryland, and Framingham. Nancy Travis was raised a catholic. 

Nancy Travis bio: Interesting facts about the 58 years old last man standing actress 3

As per her education, Nancy Travis graduated from high school in 1971. She attended Walsh Middle School and Framingham North High school in the Boston area of Massachusetts. 

She went on to pursue a degree in New York. Nancy Travis graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama Studies from New York University a few years later. 

How old is Travis Nancy? 

She is currently 58 years old. She will be 59 years old in August. 

Nancy Travis body measurements

Her burst-waste-ratio stands at 36-27-38. Nancy Travis’s height is 163 centimeters which is the same thing as 5ft and 4 inches tall. Her weight is 141 lbs which is equivalent to 64 kilograms. 

Nancy Travis career path and awards/nominations 

Nancy Travis has been acting even before she got admission into the University. The first role she got after high school was in a play titled, “It’s hard to be a Jew” at the American Jewish Theatre in New York City. 

Nancy Travis went on to feature in a stage edition of Neil Simon’s Beach Memoirs. Nancy Travis was a founding member of the off-Broadway theatre company called, Naked Angels. She also featured in the Broadway run of I’m Not Rappaport as well as Athol Fugard’s My Children, My Africa.

Nancy Travis bio: Interesting facts about the 58 years old last man standing actress 4 

She went on to feature in movies like So I Married an Axe Murderer, Three Men, and a Baby, Internal Affairs, The Vanishing, Internal Affairs among many others. 

Travis Nancy is famous for acting in so many movies and television shows but she is most known as the “face” of the popular television series, Last Man Standing where she featured as Vanessa Baxter. 

Her other acting roles include Grey’s Anatomy, How I met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, The Ranch, The Kominsky Method, Mr. Mercedes, etc. 

Is Nancy Travis related to Randy Travis?

No, they are not related. Nancy and Randy Travis, a country singer-songwriter, share the same last name, which has led to speculation that the two singers are married or related. However, after doing some research, we discovered that there is no relationship between them—aside from the fact that they’re both extremely brilliant.

Travis Nancy TV commercials 

Nancy was also a commercial celebrity, having appeared in advertising for Twinkies and Levi’s Jeans, among others. Three Men and a Baby, a 1987 comedy, was the actress’s debut big-screen role. Since then, she’s starred in films like Internal Affairs (1992), The Vanishing (1993), and Chaplin, all of which have given her more nuanced parts (1993).

  • Twinkles and Levis Jeans 

Nancy Travis TV Shows and Movies 

  • Eight Men Out (1988) – Lyria Williams
  • Married to the Mob (1988) – Karen Lutnick 
  • Three Men and a Baby (1987) – Sylvia 
  • Tales from the Darkside (1987) – Laura 
  • Worlds Beyond (1987) – Sally 
  • Spenser: For Hire ( 1986) – Maggie Ellis 
  • Harem (1986) – Jessica Grey 
  • ABC Afterschool Specials (1985) – Judy 
  • Malice in Wonderland (1985) – Ann 
  • Fallen Angels (1993) – Bette Allison 
  • So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993) – Harriet Michaels
  • The Vanishing (1993) – Rita Baker 
  • Chaplin (1992) – Joan Barry 
  • Passed Away (1992) – Cassie Slocombe 
  • Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) – Sylvia 
  • Air America (1990) – Corinne Landreaux
  •  Loose Cannons (1990) – Riva 
  • Internal Affairs (1990) – Kathleen Avilla 
  • How Much Is Really True? (1989) 
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1988) – Leah Bundy
  • Destiny Turns on the Radio (1995) – Lucille 
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (1995) – Grelch 
  • Greedy (1994) – Robin 
  • Body Language (1995) – Atty. Theresa Janice ‘T.J.’ Harold.
  • Lieberman in Love (1995) – Kate 
  • Cybill (1996) – Casting Director
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996) – Spencer
  • Gun (1997) – Diane Esheo Bogus (1996) – Lorraine Franklin 
  • Duckman: Private D*ck/Family Man (1994-1997) – Bernice / Beatrice / Bernice (Character) 
  • Almost Perfect (1995-1997) – Kim Cooper Duckman (Video Game, voice) 
  • Superman: The Animated Series (1998) – Darci Mason
  • My Last Love (1999) – Susan Morton
  • Work with Me (1999-2000) – Julie Better
  • Auggie Rose (2000) – Carol 
  • The Wild Thornberrys (2000) – Cat 
  • Rose Red (2002) – Prof. Joyce Reardon 
  • Talk Show Diaries (2005) – Windsor Becker (2002-2004) –  Chris Connor 
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) – Lydia Rodman 
  • Boys Life (2006) 
  • Bernard and Huey (2017) – Mona
  •  The Submarine Kid (2015) – Mrs. Koll 
  • Dissonance (2014) – Bobbi 
  • Squatters (2014) – Carol 
  • Hart of Dixie (2011) – Emmeline Hattenbarger
  •  How I Met Your Mother (2011)
  •  Grey’s Anatomy (2011) – Allison Baker
  •  A Walk in My Shoes (2010) – Trish Fahey 
  • Desperate Housewives (2010) – Dr. Mary Wagner 
  • Pregnancy Pact (2010) – Lorraine Dougan
  • The Bill Engvall Show (2007-2009) – Susan Pearson 
  • Safe Harbor (2009) – Robbie 
  • Numb3rs (2009) – Jane Karellen 
  • Medium (2008) – Laura Swenson 
  • Sally (2007) – 
  • The Ranch (2018) – Karen 
  • Mr. Mercedes (2017-2018) – Donna Hodges 
  • The Kominsky Method (2018-2019) Lisa 
  • Married Yound (2019) – Rachael 
  • Last Man Standing (2011-2021) – Vanessa Baxter 

 Nancy Travis appearance as herself 

  • 2020 FOX Winter Preview
  •  Entertainment Tonight (2018-2020)
  •  The Talk (2012-2020) 
  • The 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2020) 
  • Access Hollywood (2020) 
  • The 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2019) 
  • Celebrity Page (2018) Access Daily (2018) 
  • The Greatest 80s Movies (2014) 
  • Home & Family (2013)
  •  The Chew (2011) The View (2011)
  •  The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2008) 
  • Whatever Happened To? (2008) 
  • The 29th Annual People’s Choice Awards (2003)
  •  The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (1999-2002) 
  • The Rosie O’Donnell Show (1996-1999) 
  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1996)
  •  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1995-1996) 
  • Night of About 14 CBS Stars (1996)
  •  Late Show with David Letterman (1995)
  •  The Movie Awards (1991) Live with Kelly and Ryan (1990)
  •  The Joan Rivers Show (1990)

Nancy Travis awards and nominations 

  • Nancy Travis was nominated for a PRISM Award in 2008 under the category of Performance in a TV Movie or Miniseries for her role in the 2007 movie, as The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker. 
  • She was nominated for a SAG Award in 2019 and 2020 under the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series category for her role in the comedy series, The Kominsky Method. 

Nancy Travis family 

Nancy Travis bio: Interesting facts about the 58 years old last man standing actress 5

Nancy Travis is married to Robert N. Fried. They got married in 1994 and they have two children; Benjamin and Jeremy. Benjamin was born in 1998 while his younger brother was born three years later. Despite her busy schedules, Nancy told The Columbus Dispatch that she loves to be with her family and loves to cook as well. 

“I’m basically a traditionalist, I  like to cook dinner; I like to be with my kids, So sweet!”

Is Nancy Travis related to Randy Travis? 

The answer is no! Nancy is not related to songwriter and performer, Randy Travis. Fans have often wondered if the duo is related but after extensive research, we found out that the answer is a BIG FAT NOOOOOOO! 

Nancy Travis net worth 

Nancy Travis’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $2m. 

Nancy Travis social media 

Nancy used to be on Twitter but not anymore. She had over 40,000 followers. During an interview with TV Insider in 2019, she was asked about the kind of responses she gets from fans about her performance in previous seasons of Last Man Standing, she said she was surprised how fans reacted to a tweet she posted; 

“I’m on Twitter — it’s the only social media that I’m on — and I put out a little tweet saying “open the chardonnay because Vanessa loves her wine,” and quickly hundreds of people [were] liking the tweet and celebrating [with comments like] “can’t wait,” and “don’t think I could live without it” and “I really love to wind down my day and be entertained by this show.” Especially hearing a lot of people saying “it’s just great to have something that we can laugh at and laugh with” in these times when not a lot of people are laughing. 

Nancy Travis quotes 

  • I really enjoy doing sitcom television. It allows me to stay in Los Angeles and spend more time with my husband and kids. 
  • The alarming thing in China is the almost total absence of primary care. Even in cities, there are no independent doctors’ offices or neighborhood clinics, so people have to go to the hospital for every health care need. 
  • To wait for hours to buy a train ticket or to see a doctor is accepted as a normal way of doing things. Privacy is not a great preoccupation, and this is a very crowded country. 
  • I’ve probably said that in every feature I’ve been in I’ve been repeatedly defined as the girlfriend or wife.
  • I want to do a show about a woman who’s juggling a career with a relationship. 
  • On her favorite episode of Last Man Standing (2011): I don’t know if there is a specific moment that I could say, ‘This episode or that episode.’ Frankly, what ends up happening is you get so involved in an episode shooting and then it ends and you can’t remember a single thing about it. Look at the photographs on the wall over there of the different seasons. It was hard to remember any of those episodes. 

Nancy Travis is no doubt a veteran in this business and she continues to be celebrated to date.

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