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Neil Jason Wharton Vince Neil Background, Career, Net Worth, Family, Relationship

Neil Jason Wharton Vince Neil Background, Career, Net Worth, Family, Relationship 2

Neil Jason Wharton, like many other children who followed in the footsteps of one of their parents, is a well-known musician, much like his father Vince Neil. Unlike his father, Neil Jason Wharton did not pursue a musical career until he was 20 years old.

This post will tell you more about Neil Jason Wharton. We will discuss his background, career, family, and net worth, among other things.

Who is Neil Jason Wharton?

Neil Jason Wharton is an American musician and the son of Motley Crue’s famous lead guitarist and frontman, Vince Neil.


Neil, like many other people who became famous because of their parents’ names, was able to create his own name and fame.

Neil is the lead singer for Rock’ n’ Roll Junkies, a tribute to his father’s metal band.

Neil Jason Wharton

Neil Jason grew up in a musical family and was inspired by his father, Vince. He was always interested in music and has gone on to have a successful career as a musician.

He is gifted not only in music but also in many other areas. Let’s find out more about this incredible American musician.


Nail Jason Wharton Family

Neil Jason Wharton was born in Los Angeles, California, to Vince Neil and Tami Jones on October 3, 1978. He is his parents’ only child, but he has two siblings from his father’s relationship with Beth Lynn and Sharise Ruddell.

His half-sisters are Elizabeth and Skylar. Skylar was born in 1991 but died at the age of four from stomach cancer. Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was born in 1983 and is currently married to Will.

His high school and college years are largely unknown.


Heidi Mark, Sharise Ruddell, and Beth Lynn are Neil’s three stepmothers. His father, Vince, is currently involved with Rain Hannah. He doesn’t remember his mother, Tami, very well, but he remembers her as a wonderful mother and a badass.

Neil Wharton is a successful musician, but he avoids discussing his family life.


He is married to Jennifer Bonet, his long-term girlfriend, and they have a beautiful daughter named Trace Vince Neil Wharton. His wife and children are not well-known.



Neil Jason Wharton was inspired by his father’s musical career and has always loved music and singing. However, he did not begin his own musical career until he was in his early twenties.

Neil went to work as a front desk administrator for Harrah’s Casinos in Nevada after graduating. He worked there for a while before venturing into music.

Neil was thrust into the spotlight early on as the only son of Motley Crue’s frontman. By forming his own band, Rock’ n’ Roll Junkies, he built his career and paved the way in rock music.


The Rock’n’Roll Junkies are well-known for their appearances at local events and arenas, many of which have sold out.

In addition, the band performs Motley Crue covers. Neil’s concerts have benefited the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation in addition to his musical abilities.

Neil Jason Wharton

Vince Neil established the Memorial Foundation in memory of his daughter Skylar, who died at the age of four from stomach cancer.

Rock’n’Roll Junkies are well-known for their spot-on Crue impersonations and typically perform at Cruefests shows in Los Angeles and Cleveland.


Steven, Patrick on drums, Metty Vincent on bass, and Neil make up the band. The band enjoys performing Crue’s “Take Me to the Top” and “Primal Scream,” but “Ten Seconds to Love” is the crowd’s favorite, according to Neil.

Neil has been devoted to music full-time since he was in his early twenties, inspired by his father’s successful music career.

Although Neil has yet to receive any awards or recognition, we can see him and his band accomplishing great things in the coming years because he sounds exactly like his father.

Net Worth


Vince Neil, Wharton’s father, is a highly successful lead vocalist with a net worth of $50 million.

Neil Jason Wharton has amassed a net worth of $1 million as a result of his numerous sold-out performances at local events and arenas.

We couldn’t find any Instagram accounts associated with Neil Jason Wharton. However, his father, Vince Neil, has an Instagram page. His page has over 600 posts and 700,000 followers.


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