Nigerian man shares his “grass to grace” story after he arrived in the United States with just $50!


A Nigerian man with the display name, MisterNigerD took to his Twitter page to narrate his success story in the United States after he arrived at the John F. Kennedy Airport at age 22 with just 50 dollars.

He said he had to do multiple jobs to survive and also cater to his school needs before he got a breakthrough. He also revealed that many other immigrants have similar experience and in worst case scenario, there is usually no support from families or close relative.

According to the Nigerian man, he and other immigrants only trusted the system in United States to reward them for their hard work and it did eventually.


He went on to advise young Nigerians abroad to avoid “Fast Money” as he recounts his story.

I landed JFK as a 22 year old kid with just $50 in my pocket , a dream , and a desire to make the most of every opportunity.
Then I went on from working 3 jobs just to survive to working for the 2nd biggest bio pharmaceutical company on the planet.

Most of us in diaspora got similar stories and even worse . We came with just a visa and a dream . Most with no family support , no rich parents or whatever . But we trusted the system to reward our hard work and it did.


That was why when someone offered me 10% of $600k if I can help him launder money to Nigeria , I wanted to pluck his teeth out . You think if I wanted fast money , I will work multiple jobs just to have a college degree?
To new immigrants, avoid ‘ FAST ‘money .

My upbringing was crucial . I was never interested in showing off , fraud or whatever . I had parents that would question me if I ever brought a pen they dint buy for me home . Cos trust me , the temptations will come. You will get offers to be a ‘picker’ . It will start small

From 10% of $10k to $100k then you won’t be able to stop. But the American system is not one you can get away from. They can watch you do your fraud for 10years just cos they want to build a very solid case.


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