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Places Lionel Messi Has Lived: Messi’s House In Rosario and Barcelona

Places Lionel Messi Has Lived: Messi's House In Rosario and Barcelona 2

Lionel Messi is not just working hard to set or break records, but he is working hard to live a luxurious life together with his family and close relatives. The Inter Miami forward is one of the most wealthiest sports personalities in the world right now with a net worth of about $600m as of 2023. Lionel Messi’s net worth is very likely to increase over the next 24 months based on the deal he signed with Inter Miami.

Lionel Messi, aside from his basic yearly salary which is about $75m, the former Barcelona star will have a share in the streaming revenue of Major League Soccer on Apple TV+. Messi could have earned more than $400,000m a year if he had accepted the lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal.

Being a football affords players to live in different cities in the course of their careers but for Lionel Messi, he has only lived in a few cities having spent over 17 years at Barcelona. Lionel Messi arrived at Barcelona aged 13 and scored 672 goals and 269 assists.

Places Lionel Messi Has Lived: Messi’s House In Rosario

How many places has Lionel Messi lived? The Inter Miami has lived in cities like Rosario- his home town, Barcelona where he became a global superstar, Paris and currently, Miami where he lives with his family. Messi lives in a luxurious condo in the Porsche Design Tower, located in the exclusive Sunny Isles Beach area – an apartment he bought in 2019 for a reported fee of $5m. Places Lionel Messi has lived in also include Ibiza where he usually go on holiday with his family.


As reported by Sportskeeda, Lionel Messi acquired the mansion from Swiss business magnate Philippe Amon at a value of £9.5 million (equivalent to approximately Rs 92 crore). Nestled on the western shoreline of the enchanting island of Ibiza, this sprawling property encompasses an impressive 20,020 square feet of space. Among the array of luxuries offered, Messi can revel in a sprawling swimming pool that rivals the dimensions of the house itself, along with the added perk of an outdoor football pitch.

places Lionel Messi has lived
Places Lionel Messi has lived – Ibiza Mansion

Nevertheless, a caveat exists due to certain planning issues associated with the property. As detailed by Mid-Day, the mansion is currently in a state of awaiting legalization, which may impact the full extent of its utilization and functionality.

Lionel Messi’s house in Rosario is quite a gigantic structure. According to reports from both the Daily Mail and The Sun, Messi invested a substantial £3 million (equivalent to around Rs 30 crore) to construct a lavish mansion in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina in 2022.

Places Lionel Messi Has Lived: Messi's House In Rosario and Barcelona 3

This residence is potentially intended to serve as his permanent abode following his retirement. The construction of this grand property spanned three years, resulting in a remarkable structure featuring an impressive 20 to 25 rooms. The mansion boasts modern amenities including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a cinema, a luxurious swimming pool, and an underground garage capable of accommodating up to 15 vehicles.

Adding to its opulence, the interior of the house has been adorned with furniture sourced from notable destinations such as Milan, Israel, and Paris. Notably, it’s been reported that Messi chose to spend his Christmas in 2021 at this Rosario residence.

Lionel Messi house in Barcelona

Up until their separation in 2021, Lionel Messi showcased his prowess at Barcelona, amassing a staggering 35 trophies, which encompassed an impressive ten La Liga titles and seven Copa del Rey titles. Notably, it was in Barcelona that one of Messi’s opulent residences is situated.

This lavish abode is located in the Bellamar neighborhood of Castelldefels, Spain, a mere 12-mile drive from the Camp Nou. Acquired in 2009 for €1.8 million (equivalent to around Rs 18 crore), Messi then invested an additional €6 million (approximately Rs 58 crore) to renovate the property to his tastes. The exclusivity of the residence is emphasized by its designation as a no-fly zone, prohibiting the passage of aircraft overhead.

Places Lionel Messi Has Lived

The mansion boasts a multitude of impressive features, including a spacious backyard where Messi often engages in football play with his pet dogs. A generously-sized open terrace provides captivating panoramic views of the picturesque Catalan hills and the azure Mediterranean Sea. Among its amenities are a refreshing swimming pool, a well-equipped indoor gym, an expansive garage, and a dedicated room to house Messi’s extensive collection of jerseys. According to The Sun, the present value of this splendid residence stands at £5.5 million (equivalent to Rs 53 crore).

Messi is most likely going to return to his mansion in Rosario at the end of his career but for now he is currently living in one of his properties in Southern Florida as he continues to feature for Inter Miami where he recently won the Leagues Cup – his first trophy at Inter Miami


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