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Rod Wave girlfriend: Hidden details about Rod Waves girlfriend revealed! 

Rod Wave girlfriend: Hidden details about Rod Waves girlfriend revealed!  2

One of the most difficult things to do as a celebrity is to keep certain details about your life off the media and away from the fans because these two tend to dig deep into one’s personal life at will. 

However, Rod Waves has been able to hide details about who his girlfriend is for a long while until recently. The identity of Rod Waves girlfriend has been a subject of interest for a while and in this article, we will share all what we know about her. 

Also, we shall also share what we know about Rod Waves, his background, career, net worth among other details which should be of interest to you especially if you are hearing the name for the first time. 


Who is Rod Wave? 

Rod Wave is an American rapper who rose to prominence after his song Heart on Ice became viral on TikTok. His career only began in 2018, but he has already achieved significant progress in the field.

Fans have been intrigued about his dating life when he first entered the rap scene. After all, the rapper is a father, but with whom does he share his children?

In this post, we’ll find out who Rod Wave’s girlfriend, or better still, wife, is in 2022.


Who is Rod Wave girlfriend? 

Rod is, in fact, in a relationship, to answer the preceding question in a nutshell. The Florida native has been discreetly dating a partner for quite some time. Despite the fact that Rod has not released her identity to the public, people have made the connection.

They’ve discovered out that his baby mama uses the Instagram handle dee .18 (full name Kelsey “Dee” Coleman). Rod’s girlfriend looks eerily similar to the girl in the photo. Furthermore, followers who follow his GF on Instagram have screenshots of her stories stating that she is dating Rod. Check it out for yourself!

Rod Wave girlfriend: Hidden details about Rod Waves girlfriend revealed!  3

Rod, on the other hand, has never spoken about his girlfriend and has never mentioned her on social media. It appears that the rapper prefers to keep his personal life private.


Rod is a father of two young children.

Rod has a secret lover, so we’re sure you’ll be surprised to learn that he’s also a father. Yes, he is the proud father of two lovely daughters. Let’s have a look at them.

We first learned that Rod and his girlfriend are expecting twins in May 2020 when @rodwavemedia uploaded a photo of the R&B singer with his sweetheart.  


Rod Wave kids 

Though he has yet to reveal the names of his children, let alone photos, his girlfriend has already written two names in her Instagram bio. “Kash and mocha’s mum,” it said.

After all of this, it’s safe to assume Rod’s children’s names are Kash and Mocha. But, on the other hand, we can never be certain.

Regardless, we hope the young man is up to the task of being a father. If a child has a traumatic encounter when he or she is young, it will have a long-term impact on their life. Several rappers, such as NBA Youngboy, have become fathers at a young age and are doing an excellent job as fathers.


How long has Rod Wave and his girlfriend been together? 

Rod, as previously said, Rod Wave is a man who keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret. Now we’re sure you’re curious as to when Ron and his girlfriend started dating.

To be honest, there isn’t a single detail concerning their relationship available. That being said, we can confirm that they have been dating for some years.

Rod Wave girlfriend: Hidden details about Rod Waves girlfriend revealed!  4

Furthermore, Rod Wave’s girlfriend is a private individual. Though she briefly became a trend because celebrity stylist Jonathan Wright published a video of her, she has kept her Instagram account secret, making it difficult to learn more about their relationship. Rod’s child looks stunning in a white outfit and an orange wig in the photo he uploaded on Instagram.



Rod Wave began singing at a young age but did not begin recording until later. His first tunes were uploaded by a colleague. When they started turning heads, he realized he was onto something. In 2016, his music became a reality.

In the fourth quarter, he launched his breakout single, Heartbreak Hotel. For a novice, it did admirably. On YouTube, the official song and music video have over 2.7 million views and a 95% approval rating.

On SoundCloud, it has received over 2.5 million plays. “Think Too Much,” “Gambling,” and “Hunger Games” were among the year’s most popular songs. His debut mixtape, titled “Hunger Games,” was published in December 2016.


The 16-track mix, which included only one artist, was highlighted by Tayda’s breakout single. His fame grew in lockstep with his bookings.

Rookie of the Year, Rod Wave’s next album, was released in 2017. Eight tracks were included in the project, which was released in June. The hits “50 Shades of Grey,” “Jumanji,” and “Pull Up” stood out. On iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, the tape has received a lot of attention.

Rod Wave’s most successful year was by far the year 2018. He has a record deal with Alamo Records and has released heat-seekers and hot mixtapes in addition to collaborating with a bevy of fresh musicians.


In 2018, at least nine of his new songs will have topped a million streams. “Bag” ft. GlokkNine, “Hearts 4 Sale,” and “Feel The Same Way” ft. Moneybagg Yo have all surpassed 9 million streams.

Rod Wave also released the second and third editions of his “Hunger Games” mixtape with great popularity. They arrived in May and June, respectively, this year.

He worked with 438 Tok on “Declare War,” and he worked with LPB Poody on “All We Know.” The majority of his images may now be found solely on WSHH. “Hard Times” and “Red Light,” two of his most recent singles, have done exceptionally well.


In 2019, Rod Wave released two albums: “PTSD” and “Ghetto Gospel,” which came out in June and November, respectively. Only one musician, E-40, was featured on his first album, a 12-song anthology.

The powerful track “Heart On Ice” took the lead. In the first five months, the single music would be streamed over 30 million times. It has a lot of positive feedback on Spotify and Apple Music.

On November 1, 2019, “Ghetto Gospel” premiered. Rod Wave’s most prolific work was presented on this 14-track masterwork. Kevin Gates made guest appearances on “Cuban Links” and “Titanic,” and Lil Durk made an appearance on “Heart on Ice” (remix).


“Sky Priority,” “Close Enough to Hurt,” “Green Light,” “Poison,” and “Cuban Links” were among the album’s big singles. Every track on the album has received over one million individual streams in less than two weeks.

Rod Wave has demonstrated once again that his genius knows no bounds with the success of “Ghetto Gospel.”

Net Worth 

In the last 30 days, Rod Wave’s channel has averaged 65 million views per month and over 2.5 million views every day. If a YouTube channel is monetized with adverts, it might make $3 to $7 per thousand views.


Rod waves has additional sources of income. Promotions and sponsorships are how he generates money from his YouTube channel.

Rod Wave has a net worth of $3 million in 2022. He turned his father’s gift into a multimillion-dollar corporation. Because of his genuine and reality-based lyrics, his followers respect him even more. Over time, his fortune is expected to improve.


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