Russian power-lifter breaks both knees in 400kg squat attempt (video)

Russian power-lifter breaks both knees in 400kg squat attempt (video)

A Russian powerlifting champion Alexander Sedykh has fractured both of his knees while attempting to squat 400kg.

The accident happened at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) European Championships.

Sedykh who is the defending champion prepared to squat while lifting the enormous weight.

While trying to lift the 400kg squatting, his knees crash and he began to cry due to the pain.

After the accident, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery on his legs.

According to Sedykh after the procedure, he said, “The main thing is that I must lie motionless in bed for two months.”

“Then I’ll be taught how to walk again. It’ll take time to recuperate. I’ve had my quadriceps resewn and my knees put back together.”

‘The quads were double-stitched, the knees were reassembled.’

‘The forecasts are as follows: lie down for two months, do not move your legs. Then learn to walk again.’

He has however vowed to come back stronger and continue in his career.

Watch Sedykh break his knees below


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