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Sacha Stacey: What’s known about the wife of popular bodybuilder, Martyn Ford? 

Sacha Stacey: What's known about the wife of popular bodybuilder, Martyn Ford?  2

Sacha Stacey: One of the things that makes the relationship between couples interesting is if they share the same interest. For instance, travelling, cooking, painting among many others. 

Sacha Stacey: What's known about the wife of popular bodybuilder, Martyn Ford?  3

Sacha Stacey and Martyn Ford share a similar interest – bodybuilding which is why they are quite popular on social media and they also have large followings.

In this article, we shall share all you need to know about the couple, especially Sacha Stacey who a lot of fans have a keen interest in. 


We shall also share information about Martin, his career, and network.

Sacha Stacey: What's known about the wife of popular bodybuilder, Martyn Ford?  4

Who is Sacha Stacey? 

Sacha Stacey is the wife of bodybuilder Martyn Ford, and she was frequently seen in the gym with her husband, prompting speculation that she, too, is a gym trainer.


Sacha appears to go to the gym and exercise with her husband, but she does not appear to be a personal trainer. Sacha and Martyn married in 2019, and she marked their second anniversary in 2021 by posting a snapshot of their wedding on Instagram.

Martyn and Sacha were in a relationship before being married, and they had three children together. Martyn lives with his wife and three children.

Imogen Ford and Wynter Ford are Martyn’s two daughters. Maddox, his son, was born in the year 2020. He adores his family and frequently posts images of them on social media.


Sacha Stacey, Martyn’s wife, is a fitness consultant. Sachs Stacey was born on December 30, 1988, to English parents somewhere in the United Kingdom. She had always wanted to be a fitness expert, so she went for her ambition and made it a reality. Her husband, who is seven years her senior, backs her up in whatever she does.

Sacha is a kind wife who is always willing to help. For the time being, she is a wonderful wife and mother, and she is also doing a fantastic job in her work life.

Martyn Ford 


Martyn was born in Minworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. He is currently residing someplace in the United Kingdom with his wife and three children.

Martyn Ford is a bodybuilder who is married to Sacha Stacey and is noted for his physical modifications.

Martyn Ford is a bodybuilder, actor, fitness enthusiast, and gym trainer who is noted for his physique transformation. He goes by the nicknames Hulk and Nightmare because of his massive muscular build.


Martyn will face the Iranian Hulk, Sajad Gharabi, in a contest scheduled for April 2 at London’s O2 Arena. This fight is known as the heaviest in boxing history.

Martyn Ford Age and Height 

Martyn Ford is 39 years old, stands 6ft 8 inches tall, and weighs around 145 kilograms. He was born in Minworth, England, on March 26, 1982.


He was born to Lorraine and Stephen, and he has been interested in physical training since he was a child. Martyn began exercising when he was eleven years old and acquired a passion for athletics.

Martyn aspired to be a cricketer since he was a teenager, and he began training for it when he was nineteen, but a devastating injury forced him to retire from the sport.

Net Worth 


Martyn Ford’s net worth is expected to be between $7 million and $8 million in 2022. As a bodybuilder, he is predicted to earn between $19,726 and $187,200 each year.

As a result, his profession provides him with a good source of income. He uses Instagram and Twitter as well as other social media platforms. 

Social Media


Martyn is very active on Instagram as @martynfordofficial and has about 3.9 million followers. In the case of Twitter, he is active as @MartynFord_ and has more than 4k followers


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