See what Marcus Rashford is doing to help poor children out of school due to Coronavirus outbreak

See what Marcus Rashford is doing to help poor children out of school due to Coronavirus outbreak

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford is helping provide food for poor children who are lacking due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Schools in the United Kingdom offer students a meal per day but now that schools are closed there are students who are not able to eat well because they come from poor backgrounds and depend on the meal provided for them at school.

Rashford has decided to donate a significant amount to help provide for those children by partnering with FareShareUK to help reach vulnerable children.

He took to his official Twitter account to post pictures of himself with the kids on his official Twitter handle urging people to support the cause.

He said, “Guys, across the UK there are over 32,000 schools. Tomorrow all of these will close. Many of the children attending these schools rely on free meals, so I’ve spent the last few days talking to organizations to understand how this deficit is going to be filled.
“I wanted to understand the scale of the problem and how we can reach vulnerable children. It’s not just schools. It’s community centres, breakfast clubs, etc that provide the only meal many kids get each day. No child should have to worry where their next meal is coming from.
“@FareShareUK distributes food to 11,000 diff organizations across the UK reaching almost 1million people in need a week. Today, I am partnering with them to rework how food is distributed during the closure, with the aim that no child is missed.
“To anyone reading who can spare a few £’s, you could make a big difference, supporting cost of delivery vans, warehouse storage, and other logistics. Just £5 helps
“@FareShareUK provides 20 meals for kids off school. And to the food industry, we know it’s a challenging time, but we ask you to please send any product you can to @FareShareUK to support their efforts during the closure. Envelope Thanks to all the companies already involved. I appreciate you all, stay safe!”


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