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Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 2
Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 3
Sepanta Arya

Sepanta Arya is the name of a young man who isn’t a bookworm like most of you were when you were in high school. To your surprise, the young man we’re talking about is already an Instagram celebrity and aspiring model. Yes, the handsome young man already has a bevy of lovely ladies in his back pocket.

This article tells the narrative of the young Instagrammer’s rise to fame. Sepanta Arya’s net worth, personal life and relationships, as well as his girlfriend, family, and physical measures, are all investigated. Take a closer look at him. Continue reading.

Who is Sepanta Arya?

Sepanta Arya was born in the city of Lelystad, Netherlands, on November 4, 2001. He is said to have a younger brother, Sobhan Arya, who is also a member of his YouTube channel.

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 4
Sepanta Arya

Instagram’s social media platform was a godsend for budding photographers. He posted images of his daily life on his Instagram site, and the young and attractive man’s appeal grew. Sepanta Arya’s fan base grew steadily till it reached 727k followers at the time of writing this article. He has almost 150,000 followers on Snapchat thus far.

The Dutchman is already a model hopeful, but he prefers to express himself through photographs. Sepanta has a Youtube account that he shares with his brother and adds to the social media influencer’s portfolio. He has been active on YouTube since he was 13 years old.

Childhood and Adolescence

Sepanta Arya was born on November 24, 2001, and is a 20-year-old actor. He was born in Lelystad, Netherlands, under the sign of Sagittarius. Sepanta has a brother named 0 but little more is known about his parents. Furthermore, he is of Persian heritage.


Sepanta Arya has likewise remained tight-lipped regarding his educational background. Given his age, we can assume Sepanta is a university student unless he chooses to take a sabbatical or stop studying completely to focus on his professional career.

Sepanta Arya professional life

Sepanta Arya is a well-known figure on social media. He may also be found on other social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others. Arya’s official Instagram and Snapchat fan communities are also noteworthy.

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 5
Sepanta Arya

Sepanta also earns a total of 160,400 daily viewers on his Snapchat as a digital social media influencer. In addition, he has a YouTube channel with more than 905k subscribers. He currently has over 727,000 Instagram followers. He also gained a large following on Instagram by posting high-quality photos of his daily life. Similarly, on Snapchat, he has over 150,000 daily viewers.


On the other hand, he has been active on the video-sharing software, Youtube, since he was just 13 years old. In addition, photography became a way for him to show his lifestyle and enthusiasm for fashion creations. Sepanta Arya and his brother have started a YouTube channel together.

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 6
Sepanta Arya

He’s also been caught on camera with Glenn Fontein, as evidenced by his Instagram account. Mr. Glenn is a multi-platform social media celebrity and video content provider. Apart from that, he has the largest fan following on his own Instagram, which has over 700k followers. Glenn also works as a model.

Where was Sepanta Arya born and raised?


Sepanta Arya is a 20-years-old YouTube star, born on November 24, 2001, in Leystad, Netherlands. He grew up in his hometown with his brother, and parents but he hasn’t revealed detailed information about his family. He is of Persian ancestry. He also has two pet dogs. He holds the Dutch nationality and falls on mixed ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

He has not disclosed any information about his education, but judging by his age, he might be a high school graduate who is studying at a university. He might have gone to the local school for his middle level and high level education.

Sepanta Arya net worth?

With his active Instagram profile and a staggering number of daily visits, Sepanta Arya’s net worth has skyrocketed over the years. Sepanta is more known as a social media influencer, and his Instagram channel must have provided him with a substantial salary or revenue. The statistics for the growing star’s worthiness differ among web sources, and estimating Sepanta’s present assets and liabilities is tricky. As of 2019, Sepanta Arya’s net worth is estimated to be between $100K and $1 million.


Who is Sepanta Arya dating?

The “instaboy” has yet to announce any girlfriend, so for now he’s single. News about his relationship is likely to surface soon in the media. Meanwhile, the guy is believed to be unattached to this day, but his follower list contains a large number of femme fatales for him to cope with.

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 7
Sepanta Arya

The guy, with his admirable and attractive appearance and body, has been a great magnet for girls out there, and they may be waiting for the charm to reach legal age before making an enticing move.

Sepanta Arya nationality, family and ethnicity

The golden-bodied man was reportedly born in the Netherlands and is a Dutch citizen. Meanwhile, there are beliefs that his lineage and ethnicity can be traced back to Persian origins, although there have been no confirmations of these guesses. Although Sepanta Arya’s family is thought to be of the aforementioned heritage, the aspiring model’s followers and the media are still waiting for the official source to release the details of her family background.


Sepanta Arya body measurements: height and weight

The 20-year-old Instagrammer’s personal profile is still a hot topic, and his body measurements are still under investigation. As seen in his Instagram photos, he is a tall and attractive man with a height of approximately 170 cm (approx.) and a well-proportioned figure.

He also appears to have curly brown hair and dark eyes, which complement his skin tone and add attractiveness. The aspiring model is expected to give more information about himself in the following days, as the fascination with “the sexy packs” appears to be growing, and the list of questions continues to grow.

Sepanta Arya bio, relationship, family, ethnicity, career, physique, and net worth 8
Sepanta Arya

Quick facts about Sepanta Arya

Full nameSepanta Arya
Age20 years old
BirthdateNovember 24, 2001
Birth PlaceLelystad, Netherlands
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Instagrammer, Model
Net worth$100K-1M
Marital StatusN/A
Social MediaInstagram


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