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Supcaitlin Age Real Name And Net Worth of the Twitch star Explored

Supcaitlin Age Real Name And Net Worth of the Twitch star Explored 2

Supcaitlin is a Twitch celebrity with over 93,2k subscribers. She used to broadcast Just Chatting, VALORANT, Detroit: Become Human, Unitil Dawn, IRL, Lacuna, and other shows.

She has spent more than 82 percent of her time streaming Just Chatting among these.

Her data show that she streamed for more than 292 hours, and her followers viewed it for more than 416 thousand hours. To date, her channel has received over 2.03 million views.


What is Supacaitlin Real Name?

Supcaitlin”s real name is Brooky Easly Mauro. However, many people refer to her as Caitlin.

Supacaitlin Twitch Ban

Supcaitlin was banned from Twitch for a day on April 10. Twitch administrators stated that she was banned due to her inappropriate attire.

Furthermore, her one-day suspension was lifted on April 11, and her account is now back to normal.


How old is Supercaitlin?

Supcaitlin is currently 24 years old as of 2022. The streamer was born in 1997.

Every year on May 13, she would gather with her friends and colleagues to celebrate her birthday.

Supaitlin is a naturalized citizen of the United States because she was born and raised in the country.


Net Worth

Supcaitlin’s net worth and salary are currently being assessed, so no exact figures can be provided at this time.

She is undeniably wealthy and well-known, with numerous fortunes in her name as a result of her fame and success.

The Twitch star’s main sources of income are paid promotions and fan support.


Supercaitlin Instagram

The Twitch star is on Instagram with over 160,000 followers.


Supercaitlin appears to be single at the moment. She has not been linked to anyone as her boyfriend yet. She seems to be


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