Taiwo Awoniyi storms Liverpool

Taiwo Awoniyi storms Liverpool

Mainz striker TAIWO AWONIYI has stormed at Anfield stadium in England, as he makes use of the early conclusion of the Bundesliga to get close to players in his parent club, Liverpool.
AWONIYI is yet to stay for a full month in Liverpool, let alone play a single match for them. He popped into the limelight as a member of the Golden Eaglets squad that won the 2013 u-17 world cup in the U.A.E.

Unfortunately for him, what has kept him out of a permanent stay at Liverpool is the EPL on 75 percent of national team matches players are meant to Garner before they are deemed fit to play in England.
However, Awoniyi’s inability to get an invitation to the Super Eagles is counting against him, as he is yet to step up from his heroic days with the Golden Eaglets, Flying Eagles, and Olympic Eagles into the national team, hence Liverpool’s decision to continue loaning him outside England.

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